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Impressive! Well done +5 Rings Telecom
This is what 3 of Team 5 Rings did yesterday!

So far we've raised almost £600 for +BabyBuddy and +Love Your Hospital Charity :)
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That's fantastic, you are brave! 
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Who else feels (very slightly) smug right now?

#InYourFaceFacebook :-)

Thanks +Eli Fennell and h/t to +Alan Stainer

I imagine there are more than a few brands whose SEO's are going through this right now.

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The smug is strong in this one.
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The Compensation Myth

A new report confirms the falling numbers of workplace accident claims and describes how recent changes to the law have made it even harder for injured workers to obtain compensation: 
'Where there has been negligence, it is likely to be even harder to obtain compensation than it was in Victorian times,’

The facts really do not mirror public perception about claims, mainly thanks to the insurers' highly funded propaganda machine.

#workplaceaccidents     #Compensation      
Dispelling the 'Compensation Culture' Myth

A new report has stated that 85% of workers injured at work are not compensated either because they are are unable to prove that the accident was caused by the negligence of their employer or because they choose not to bring a claim in the first place.

The report says UK government figures show over a 50% fall in workplace claims from  2002 to 2012/13. 

The report also accused the government of ‘turning the clock back’ through changes to the law that remove the employee's right to rely on an employer's breach of health and safety regulations. Since October 2013, regardless of any breach of regulations, the law  requires an injured claimant to prove the employer was negligent.

The report states: 
‘Where there has been negligence, it is likely to be even harder to obtain compensation than it was in Victorian times,’

#workplaceaccidents   #Compensation  
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Donna Beckett

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Thank you +Social Media for Solicitors - this made me smile!
#Damn   #Birds   #Lol
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Quite a talented GIF maker. 
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Don't forget #GooglePlusHour over on Twitter at 8pm tonight

I'm a bit poorly today, so I'm afraid I won't be able to join you 'live' but I'll check out all your tweets tomorrow.

Have fun! 
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+Caroline M Shield thanks Caroline. Have a great weekend :-)
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40% of Brits 'getting bored with Social Media'

Could this be because the UK is still in the grip of Facebook and has failed to make the switch to this far superior platform?

Do you ever suffer from Social Media Fatigue?

Thanks to +Irfan Ahmad for another interesting infofraphic
Getting Bored of Social Media? You're Not Alone
To enlarge image:

"Social network users are more active than ever - some 73% of online adults now use a social networking site of some kind. But new research also shows 61% strongly or somewhat dislike over-sharing on social media; other reports show signs of disinterest and boredom.

According to YouGov study, nearly 4 out of 10 British online population claimed to be getting bored with social media and say they will use it less."

Take a look at this infographic created by Delvv, visualizing why you're still bored.

Pin it:

Sources: +Entrepreneur &
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For me google+ is like a breath of fresh air, I love it.  I've been trying to persuade my community on Fb to come on over, some do and give up straight away but plenty of them come over and love it and see the potential that I see.  I hear so many complaints (generally from the ones who give up) about not understanding how to use it, so I just remind them that once upon a time they didn't know how to use FB either.  I'm still learning on here but in my humble opinion its worth sticking at. xxx
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How Much Protection Will your Helmet Provide in a Motorcycle Accident?

In the UK is it compulsory to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle on the road. However, not all helmets are the same. Some helmets have performed better in safety tests than others and the most expensive helmets are not always the best safety performers.

Our blog gives some useful information on how to check the safety rating of your helmet before you buy. Always buy from an approved stockist and, most importantly, ensure that the helmet fits correctly.

Always replace your helmet after an accident even if it doesn't appear damaged. Damage isn't always visible. For the same reason never buy a second-hand helmet.

If you're looking forward to getting out on the road this weekend have fun and ride safe. Everyone please THINK BIKE!
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Wise words +Donna Beckett! Helmets should be compulsory for cyclists too. Some bleat on about cars,lorries and buses not seeing them on the road, but then don't wear the appropriate safety gear! What's all that about?
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Donna Beckett

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Good morning #UKConnect

I just wanted to thank you all for your continued support of this community. It's fantastic to see so much interaction between members!

If you know of a UK plusser who might like to join us please feel free to share the community with them. Alternatively, ask me to invite them and I will.

Finally, who's over excited at the thought of a 4 day weekend? Whoop! Whoop! 
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+Geoff Morris thank you my friend! Btw you're valued here - never doubt it :-)
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Donna Beckett

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Social Media Followers: Quality or Quantity?

The answer to this question may seem obvious. Most people shout 'Quality!' in response. However, there are some very valid reasons why quantity also counts when it comes to social media.

I set out my views in a post that I wrote when I reached 10,000 followers on Twitter a month or so ago.

Here is my post:

I'm speaking about Social Media to a business networking group next week and this will be one of the topics that will be discussed so I'd love the views of the #BritPack on this one, plus any feedback regarding your own experiences.
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TBH I wouldn't say there is a correlation between follower count and sales - if the message isn't strong enough

It varies in huge amounts on business type to be fair though - some of lots of micro purchases and others are sporadic but high value items
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Google Plus Chat ...on Twitter!

Come & join us for #GooglePlusHour 8pm GMT - network & discuss!

This week's topic: What do you think is the biggest plus of Google Plus?
Will you be joining us for: 
#GooglePlusHour  next Tuesday 15th April
Where: Twitter
Hosts:  +Donna Beckett and myself 
Why: connect with even more UK businesses and entice them over to the wonder of G+ 
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Not exciting, but very lovely - North Norfolk Coast. It's quite amazing how poor the phone / internet coverage can be. My family were quite happy about that. We had a great time.
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Donna Beckett is a specialist personal injury solicitor who founded Beckett and Co Solicitors based in Chorley, Lancashire in 2001.
Beckett and Co Solicitors only deal with personal injury and accident compensation claims so clients can be sure of receiving expert advice from a specialist firm. Beckett & Co handle road accident claims, work accident claims, industrial injury claims and trip and slip accident claims.
Beckett & Co Solicitors offer free advice by phone or a free meeting and free home visits are available throughout Lancashire.
Clients need not worry about the cost of making a claim as Beckett & Co offer no win - no fee with no hidden costs or charges.
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