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Might be OK on 'dress-down Friday'?
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As someone who never wore a suit for work I find the whole concept funny to be honest.

If I am putting on a tie, someone is dead or getting married!
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Dealing With Digital Assets After Death

Apparently, the UK population now owns £2.3bn of Internet assets. Have you left instructions regarding your digital assets? Your family could be very grateful that you did.

Great advice here from +Macks Solicitors​​

#DigitalAssets #Probate
Making plans for what happens to our online presence after we pass away could save our loved ones unnecessary pain and distress, say probate experts.
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Just discussing this recently +Donna Beckett​ definitely needs addressing. 
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Talk about missing a trick!

Below is a post which was just supposed to be a bit of fun. I saw the great Doctor Who goodies and took a photo - mainly thinking to share it with +Daz Thornton​​ who is a big fan.

Little did I know that the post would take off in a big way. It must have made it onto the 'What's Hot' list last night because at one point it was getting over one +1 every minute!

It now has over 600 (!) plus ones and quite a few shares.

So who missed the trick? The shop selling the stuff! Apart from an empty Facebook page and a completely unused Google generated G+ page they have no online presence. Not even a website! If they had been on G+ I would have tagged them in the post and I am absolutely certain that they could have got some business off the back of my post.

It frustrates me that a new business, that is trying hard to get off the ground in Chorley, is completely ignoring an amazing way to boost their business!

I think I'll be visiting them to show them how they're missing out!

Social media works .... and not always in the ways that may seem to be most obvious!

#DrWho #WhatsHot #SocialMedia
Doctor Who?

Saw these in a lovely shop in Chorley today. Thought of you +Daz Thornton​​​ :-)

#DrWho #Tardis #Tea  #Cybermen #Daleks
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So true +Donna Beckett I'm always surprised at how many businesses don't have a website let alone social media feeds - especially those with really eye-catching, visually appealing products. 
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Happy Mother's Day!

Wishing all the mums a lovely day, including Lurcher Mummies!

#Lurcher #DogLovers 
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Happy Mother's Day to all mums everywhere!
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Google+ Ghosts, Ghouls and Zombies!

This is a great post by +Alan Stainer​​​ explaining why you needn't be too afraid of the Google+ walking dead and the RIP G+ articles that are being posted as click bait just recently.

You might also notice a few familiar faces in there who may (or may not) be able to do a mean Monster Mash but Google+ zombies they most certainly ain't! +martin shervington​​​ +Dustin W. Stout​​ +Vic Gundotra​​ +Robert Llewellyn​​ +Mike Elgan​​ +Trey Ratcliff​​

H/t to +Malcolm Oakley​​ (who does a lot of walking ..... of the South Downs kind rather than dead variety!)

#WalkingDead #GooglePlus #AliveAndKicking 
You may have heard that Google+ is a Ghost Town. Well listen up, because this is the first ever Google+ Most Haunted, where we will reveal the spooky fiends that are perpetuating that myth! Google+ Is Walking Dead Back in 2014, long time Ghost Buster and commander of Google+ Vic Gundotra, left for pastures new. … Continue reading Google+ Most Haunted
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"I see dead people". I wonder if Bruce Willis is on G+ .Good article +Alan Stainer​ 
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Donna Beckett

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Follow Martin? I already do!

Has anyone else noticed that many of the suggested people to follow are already in your circles?

+martin shervington​​​ is already in at least 6 of my circles and yet Google keeps repeatedly suggesting that I follow him. Either Google wants to make sure that the whole Plus follows Martin (it should!) or there is a weird bug about! Or is this Follow option something new that I've not heard about?

Has anyone else noticed similar strange suggestions?
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+Jason Darrell can I be Mindy?
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Have them in circles
18,324 people
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Donna Beckett

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Spare a minute to help our friends?

I've voted for +Strategy Digital​ in this poll - they produce great work, lots of fabulous free content and they're lovely people! It takes just a minute to vote and voting closes at the end of today.

Can you take a minute to show your support? Thanks!
The Drum Independent Agencies Census Peer Poll

We're proud to announce that we have been nominated, alongside many other top digital agencies, as one of the most respected in the country. 

We'd REALLY appreciate it if our Google+ followers honoured us with their votes! Cast your vote for us here: 
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+Donna Beckett thank you, I have fingers, toes and eyes crossed!
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Spring has Sprung in Chorley!

It's a bit grey and overcast now, but it was all blue skies, bird song and blossom earlier.

#Spring #Blossom 
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Lovely image +Donna Beckett - yes I do believe the "Spring-feeling" is in the air here in Blackburn too!! Still becoming very cold in the late evenings though.
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Are You Getting a Return on Your Relationships?

In this great post +martin shervington​​​ interviews +Ted Rubin​​​ and discusses Return on Relationships and ways to really connect in a valuable way.

I love this final quote from Ted:

"....remember relationships are like muscle tissue. The more you engage them, the stronger and more valuable they become."

Talking Return on Relationships, with Ted Rubin - Plus Your Business

#relationships #tedrubin #interview
An interview, including transcript and quotes with the one and only, look me in the eye digitally guy, Ted Rubin!
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+Ted Rubin my pleasure. I really enjoyed the interview ☺
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Donna Beckett

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Doctor Who?

Saw these in a lovely shop in Chorley today. Thought of you +Daz Thornton​​​​​​ :-)

#DrWho #Tardis #Tea  #Cybermen #Daleks #DoctorWho #Whovian
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Thanks +Donna Beckett 
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Donna Beckett

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Justice for Sale? No Thanks!
It takes just 2 minutes to sign a petition to keep access to justice for all!
A Sad Day for British Justice

Today is the day that civil court fees are increased by over 600%, in some cases up to an eye-watering £10,000.

This increase comes on top of significant increases introduced last year and there is absolutely no justification for such a hike in fees. It is simply a shameful tax on justice and a step that further removes access to justice from the non-wealthy. The fee rises come in the face of opposition from all sides of the justice system including solicitors and barristers representing both Claimants and Defendants, defendant insurers, unions, legal advice services and the judiciary.

The Law Society launched a legal challenge to the court fee rises a couple of weeks ago and in response, and pending the outcome of that legal challenge, the government brought forward the date for introduction of the higher fees with only a few days notice given.

If you believe that access to justice should be available to all, not just those with considerable means, we would urge you sign this petition against the extortionate fee increases >

You may think that this matter doesn't affect you but anybody may find themselves in need of access to the courts at some time in their life and that access should not be denied.

#AccesstoJustice   #Courts   #CourtFees  
In the year this country celebrates 800 years since the signing of the Magna Carta, the Government has decided to increase some court fees by over 600%. Court fee increases will be effective as of 9 March 2015. They are tantamount to 'selling justice'. By way of example: If your claim is £20,000 the previous court fee was £610; now it will be £1,000. That’s a 64% increase . If your claim is £40,000 the previous court fee was £610; now ...
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+Cas Ashworth thank you :-)
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Well Worth a Watch!

This HOA should be very useful. Grab a late lunch and tune in!
In our first show of 2015 we're tackling a biggie ... Google! Yep, nothing like starting the year as we mean to go on. For this Google Essentials show we'll take a look at Google and all the marketing tools they make available to small businesses, from Google+ to Drive and Gmail.

Sure, it's a pretty chunky topic but we think we've got a couple of chaps who can help us cut through the clutter and get to the good stuff.

The Guests
+Ammon Johns has been commercially involved with the web since back in 1995 and is enormously well respected in internet marketing and SEO circles. He's involved in a number of weekly HOA's and continues to consult with and help all types and sizes of business.
☞ Here's Ammon's website -

+martin shervington is a speaker, consultant and marketing psychologist. For the past couple of years he's practically lived on Google+ and continues to offer stacks of free advice and content to help people and their businesses across the globe.
☞ Here's Martin's blog -

Your Hosts
+Lee Rickler WordPress and web developer, serial HOA'er
+Nick Rink Local marketing chap, BritPack, PYB'er

Your sponsors
+Hangout Staff

Important Links
☞ Main Event Page:
☞ YouTube Channel:

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel here:
This Hangout On Air is hosted by UK Biz Hangouts. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
UK Biz Hangouts : Google Essentials
Tue, March 3, 9:30 AM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Have them in circles
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  • Beckett & Co Solicitors
    2001 - present
Basic Information
Other names
Lawyer. Social Media Addict. Consultant. Always happy to answer questions and queries!

Hello! I’m Donna, and as my tagline says, I’m a lawyer, social media addict and consultant.

The Lawyer: I qualified as a solicitor in 1996 and have specialised as a personal injury solicitor since 1997. I am the owner of Beckett and Co Solicitors Solicitors which is a specialist personal injury practice. 

Connect with Beckett & Co Solicitors on G+

The Social Media Addict: it’s true, I am completely addicted to social media, particularly Google Plus and I am on a mission to get the UK plussing!

I love to help people to connect. I run the UK Connect Community, which I set up to help UK users find, connect and network together. 

I am also very active on Twitter and you can connect with me at @BeckettandCo 

I blog about social media here.

I won the award for Best Use of Social Media at the Lancashire Business Awards 2013


The Consultant: I love talking about social media. I mean, I really love it! In particular, I enjoy teaching business owners how they can use social media to catapult their business into the limelight and use social media to achieve real results.

I run social media training workshops, speak at events, and offer 1 to 1 training. If you’re interested in social media training call me for a chat on 01257 469332 or you can contact me here

My other interests: animals, motorbike racing (I absolutely love MotoGP), books, and rock music. I love to spend time in Northumberland – my header photo was taken at Beadnell beach.

What else do you need to know? Nothing much - what you see is what you get!

Personal injury solicitor at Beckett & Co Solicitors
Handling personal injury claims and obtaining compensation on behalf of injured accident victims since 1994. Social media training.
  • Personal Injury Solicitor & Social Media Addict, 1996 - present
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Chorley, Lancashire, UK
5 star treatment and excellent advice. I contacted Paul Boxcer at Spinal Physiotherapy when my Dad put his back out. Paul arranged an initial home visit that very same day, gave advice about continued home exercises and subsequently treated my Dad in clinic. Excellent treatment, care and advice throughout. Highly recommended!
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Highly recommended! I have recently received invaluable assistance from Smart Local Marketing who have helped us to track and update our online business citations and listings, including Google maps. Many of these were out of date and incorrect following our re-location and without Smart Local's help it would have been a huge, time-consuming task to try to remedy and correct them. Smart Local are very knowledgeable, friendly and willing to go the extra mile to assist whenever they can and I'm very happy to recommend their services to anyone seeking advice regarding local SEO or Google Local pages.
• • •
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2 reviews