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Donna Beckett
Lawyer. Social Media Addict. Consultant. Always happy to answer questions and queries!
Lawyer. Social Media Addict. Consultant. Always happy to answer questions and queries!

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One for all you bikers!
Motorcycle Insurance: is your bike really covered?

There is one clause in your motorcycle insurance policy which could leave you without a bike.

Our advice: check the garaging clause in your policy. It might surprise you!

#Motorcycle #Insurance #claim

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One of the questions that I'm frequently asked.
Do I have to provide my medical records to the opponent if I make a personal injury claim?

Our new blog explaining the use of medical records and medical evidence in personal injury compensation claims.

#MedicalRecords #PersonalInjury #Compensation 

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Fun at BBC Radio Lancashire!

Good fun was had at Radio Lancs today as a guest on the John Gilmore show, chatting about business networking and our forthcoming Chorley Tweetup on 10th March. 

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A Licence to Drive Carelessly

Why Government plans to reform personal injury claims law will encourage careless driving and cost taxpayers more whilst insurance companies net a £billion windfall.

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Gary Vaynerchuk​ in London: 4th - 5th May

Anyone from UK Connect interested in this conference? £199 discounted ticket price until Friday. 

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The Singing Ringing Tree

Crown Point, Burnley. Despite it being a still day it was still humming. I'd give it 8/10 - it lost a point because it was smaller than I expected and it lost a point because the walk to it is very short! The views would, however, be amazing on a clear day.
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Google Survey

This just popped up in my feed. I have to say that I had to report being 'Somewhat Dissatisfied' - it really is buggy and all over the place recently! 

Missing Posts

Is anyone else experiencing problems seeing community posts? My desktop and mobile community views are completely different and each are showing different posts despite my settings being set to display posts in time order. Two posts that I have seen on desktop are not showing at all on mobile and vice versa.

It makes it hard to engage if posts aren't even displayed!

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Content Marketing: why having the best content isn't enough

I've just read +Mark Schaefer's most recent blog which makes some very pertinent points in relation to our recent conversation on +ken higham's post asking what makes content 'shareable'

I made the point that producing even the very best content is not enough: you also have to build an engaged audience for that content if you ever want your content to be read and shared. In this blog, Mark talks about the importance of content ignition - which I think is the perfect phrase.

If you're reviewing your content marketing strategy for 2017 I highly recommend that you give Mark's blog some serious attention. Enjoy!

#ContentMarketing #ContentShock #ContentIgnition

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Is £5000 Small Change?

The Government proposes to increase the small claims limit for all personal injury claims. Will the increase prevent accidents? No. Will it prevent claims? No. But it will restrict the ability of innocent, injured accident victims to receive the compensation to which, by law, they are entitled.

#AccessToJustice #SmallClaimsLimit #PersonalInjury 
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