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From Lifehacker, for your computer.

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A great photo series by +Michiel de Lange. Those who love Hanoi could see it in a different light. Those who don't know Hanoi yet may find a new love. For more, come across Michiel's other photo series to discover his special and unique style.

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High dynamic range (HDR) images by Trey Ratcliff

Philosophy behind photography style: "You might consider that the way the human brain keeps track of imagery is not the same way your computer keeps track of picture files. There is not one aperture, shutter speed, etc. In fact, sometimes when you are in a beautiful place or with special people and you take photos — have you ever noticed when you get back and show them to people you have to say, “Well, you really had to be there.” Even great photographers with amazing cameras can only very rarely grab the scene exactly as they saw it. Cameras, by their basic-machine-nature, are very good at capturing “images”, lines, shadows, shapes — but they are not good at capturing a scene the way the mind remembers and maps it. When you are actually there on the scene, your eye travels back and forth, letting in more light in some areas, less light in others, and you create a “patchwork-quilt” of the scene. Furthermore, you will tie in many emotions and feelings into the imagery as well, and those get associated right there beside the scene. Now, you will find that as you explore the HDR process, that photos can start to evoke those deep memories and emotions in a more tangible way. It’s really a wonderful way of “tricking” your brain into experiencing much more than a normal photograph."
Portfolio - A Selection by Trey Ratcliff (373 photos)
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I'm not asking you to vote. I'm just highlighting that there is some voting going on :-)
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