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Holy anniversaries Batman—B:TAS turned 20 this month! I used to hog the Hershey Hall dorm TV for this, much to the consternation of my fellow grad students…

Looks like I might actually be able to assign Diablo 3 as homework:

A statistic to improve upon: “2 out of 100 people are algorithmic thinkers by the time they are teenagers.” — Don Knuth

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No TSA between here and New Tristram, but nearly as much hassle, it seems:

But yeah, yeah, I’ll probably work through it all anyway…

Zerg rush the vent core.

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I managed to do a quick and dirty WebKit hack to send the extra header described here:

To emphasize: I only got WebKit to send the extra header. Can’t go further without a web server that uses it.

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Some fun retro game news (well, not so new at this point, but still fun):

I’d like to see a game where the likes of Werdna, Mangar, Tarjan, Sarevok, Jon Irenicus, and more team up for the ultimate nostalgic RPG team-up smackdown.

A publisher has sent me a review copy of a book called “A Transition to Mathematics with Proofs.” Um, what? You can have mathematics without proofs?

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The new book by Ray Toal and me is out; come and get it! It’s no Harry Potter but it does have powerful incantations: (also on Amazon
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