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This is a hilarious well made video.
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Actually I do not consider this a good video. Bogus.
I am not too much into the details of US domestic politics.
The class could have been funny, but compare it to socialism spoils the fun and doesn't get any valid point. For a foreigner it is hard to understand that US Americans can be so proud about creating such many poor and poorly educated people. But we Germans are on the decline either.
+Frank Nestel

The reason America has created this poverty you speak of is due to the fact it has used socialism such as food stamps and medicare. 

And this socialism has also driven the prices of homes up in American. In 1988 the US had the best standard of living in the world today it is no where near the mark. 

All economies have an element of socialism in them but when a government tends to embrace socialism as its main goal it tend's to drive economies down. 
Arguments vs. unproven fact statements.

Historically the times of rapidly increasing economic and intellectual freedom coincided in western world. It seems very well possible, that the economic side was bragging with achievements while the scientific side was actually delivering the wealth.
+Frank Nestel You have some misconceptions about the situation in America.  We have a very different population than you do in Germany.  We have spent more and more on public education and have seen lower and lower test scores.  This is largely a cultural problem, particularly in the city public schools.  Our private schools are the best in the world.  Capitalistic policies have not created poor and poorly educated citizens.  Rather, they have given us enormous wealth, freedom, and the ability to protect international trade around the world, fight oppressive dictators, and allow European nations to go about spending heavily on their domestic programs without fear of being invaded (particularly by the Soviet Union).  And many European nations are in big fiscal trouble in spite of this!  Socialism does not work.
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