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Games and Technology Librarian, Podcaster, Gamer,

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Love Letter to Dungeon World.

In our latest On RPGs, +Erik Dewey and I chat about why I think Dungeon World is the perfect system for me. 

Having purchased my Cthulhu rule books and GM Screen I was finally ready to run, and ran my first session last week. A bit of history on me - I tend to run most of my scenarios off a single sheet of paper. If I have more than five pages I find it to restrictive on many levels.

All-in-all I've found Time to Harvest to be a difficult game to prep for and run. Getting ready to run this felt like researching a college class. Since I started playing RPGs in the 1980s haven't there been any advancements on how to present RPGs?

The scenario needs a visual timeline, when did it start, etc. Players ask about key dates that aren't given at least not where I can find them, and that's annoying.

It also needs an encounter map - players do this, it can lead to X,Y,Z encounter, and these are interesting side-encounters.

The NPCs & monsters are sometimes tied to locations, other encounters, others in ... it's a bit of a mess.

Tag handouts with "where they are received".

20+ new NPCs are a lot to juggle in a first scenario. I suggest a short intro session adventure to introduce them to their college classmates. Something to be run after making characters perhaps. Something non-mythos related would be fine.

It's in a PDF, can't PDFs have hyperlinks? If you mention a character, have a pop out or side-bar with the highlights, but collect all the deep character information in a single place.

I have hopes this will be a success for my players, but it's going to be a lot more work than I expected, it feels like more work than when I ran Masks of N, back in the day. 

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Played Munchkin The Nightmare Before Christmas last night, and had a lot more fun than I expected. A hard time limit helped, but so did the hilarious reactions of the other players. 

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I guess I never posted my BGG Con Trip pics. 

Apparently my photography skills are still dubious at best, but hopefully the fun shows through the poor focus.

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Viral outbreaks can quickly transform into deadly pandemics. Tune into National Geographic Channel on November 1 at 9 p.m. ET to meet the courageous scientists who are fighting back with new treatments and vaccines. #breakthrough

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Burgers for lunch, now I'm off to Mars.
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