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Video on the inventor of the video game, Ralph Baer. Pretty cool dude :) (via Omer)

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It is difficult to describe the extreme amount of joy this brought me!

Watch "Battlecry- Nujabes" on YouTube
Battlecry- Nujabes

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I do think the time to start thinking about this is now. If the time comes when we have renewable, sustainable, abundant energy then automation will increase rapidly and work as we know it will change radically.

All the reports about the KIndle Fire competing with the IPad are so much crap. It's a downright lie and Amazon should be ashamed for promoting it that way. The only way that Amazon can compete with Apple IMO is as a closed source screw the consumer's choice kind of business model. I have no doubt the Nook Color will continue to be light years ahead of the Fire. Amazon, given their use of the closed source .mobi format over epub for one thing, is going to force their customers into a box just like Apple does. I'm sure the bootloader will be locked on this thing, so goodby custom ROMs. No expandable storage? That's total BS, their way of forcing you to use their cloud storage I'm sure.
Now, give me an unlocked bootloader and CM7 running on it and we'll see, though the lack of expandable storage is a huge downside. Their gonna have to come up with a very impressive processor and RAM to make up for that!
I think comparing it the IPad is going to bite them in the ass, though. Once it's out and people buy it and see there is no comparison I guess they'll just shrug and say hey, it's still a good deal for $199! Now the Asus Transformer, there's some competition....
Sorry for the rant. I'm procrastinating.

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Omnimo theme for Rainmeter creates a fantastic touchscreen interface. Great for any desktop really. I could play for hours!

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So do you get the camo car for joining or do you have to have on in order to join?
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