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When Your Boss Is Coming
Always have a plan.

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We shouldn't blame open source for Heartbleed, but that doesn't mean the model doesn't have problems.
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Awesome mind! 
A five-year-old boy from San Diego, Calif. discovered a huge flaw in Microsoft's Xbox One password security.
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D po q girl boy po aq
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"It will not stop :)"
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I never thought I have this huge storage on hand, until just now. #yahoomail  

1 Terabyte for real. 
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World's Toughest Job
24/7 working hours, 365 days, no breaks/lunch, no time to sleep, on duty almost ALL the time. But still billions are doing it... 
Can you believe it? 

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FACT: you're on my wall, commenting on my post so... i don't mind if you go ahead and comment on Youtube, publicly! haha nice chatting with you iturd.
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HeartBleed :)
A major SSL security bug called Heartbleed has sent a major number of websites around the world into high alert.
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Donah Zetlos

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Your mother is your savior! 
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Let's wait and see!
+Google Glass for $399!

Google has announced this morning that Google Glass will be made available to the public this summer for just $399 according to Google's official spokesperson +David Hasselhoff ..

Google has announced this morning that Google Glass, the company’s famed wearable computer, will be made available to the public this summer for just $399. The device shipping to customers will be a slightly revised version of the current Explorer Edition, and will feature a new LED light to warn potential subjects of Google Glass [...]
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Donah Zetlos

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Now you can get to your favorite Google products even faster by customizing how they appear in your Google bar. Just drag and drop to rearrange the apps and bring your favorite products to the top.

You can also easily add Google products that aren’t part of the Google bar, like Google Keep and Google Scholar. Learn more:

We're rolling this out over the next couple weeks, so please hold tight if you aren't seeing it yet.
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Posted on March 1, 2012 by Clint| 10721

It's a one day result process they said, but the forwarding of the medical result to the company takes TOOOOOOOOO long....
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