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I picked up Deus Ex: Human Revolution on sale a while back . I hadn't grabbed it before even though I generally enjoy sci-fi & cyberpunk. I was put off by the stealth aspects  - never one of my favorite gameplay elements.  

Well, it's pretty darn good. :)  The stealth is actually fun and the gunplay is minimal if you want to avoid it. Good story, environments, and voice acting. Great mix of FPS and RPG with conversations that remind me of LA Noire. 

Actually the only thing I haven't liked is how it launched one of the big set-pieces. I'm sneaking all over the place avoiding dozens of guys - then suddenly a cinematic where I walk straight into a group of people and I'm forced to fight.  The fight was fun, but It made me feel like I wasted my time being so careful. o.O

Good Stuff.
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Philip Rosedale talks about his new virtual world project High Fidelity and the Oculus Rift.
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Don Whitaker

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Gorgeous game/music making experience 
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I have been holding off thinking the gimbal version was coming. I will be ordering this very soon. 
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Don Whitaker

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A new Let's Play vid of Crashed Lander from MRJTDekker
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Don Whitaker

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Another test of a 360 degree panoramic video. A little wonky this time but still has some interesting sections. I tried some morphing of the shapes as the camera flies along.
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Don Whitaker

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Check out Anselm Levskaya's program called polyHédronisme, which lets you draw strange and beautiful polyhedra on your web browser!

You start with a Platonic  solid and then do things to it.  I got this one by typing "aaaaD", which starts with a dodecahedron and then does "ambo" 4 times.  If you want to figure out what "ambo" means, try "D", then "aD", then "aaD".

Thanks to +William Rutiser for pointing this out! 
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Don Whitaker

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Crashed Lander is now for sale at IndieGameStand.  Feels good to be on a curated storefront, and I've made a few sales there already.  Makes my game feel more legit somehow. 

I contacted Humble a while back but haven't heard from them. I'll try them again when the game is nearly done. I also contacted GoG and they said to get back to them when I was closer to release - better than a 'no' I guess. :)  Still stuck in Greenlight limbo, only 21% of the way to the top 100 titles. 
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congratulations man! Wish you many more sales!
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Don Whitaker

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Today I remembered that Card Hunter was a thing - and a fun one at that. Free browser-based D&D style game.  Out of Beta - Good Stuff!

The only purchases are for more chances at loot, costumes, and a few bonus adventures. No time barriers or other mechanics to block your enjoyment of the game. A good example of how F2P should be - if you enjoy it you can kick in some money to support the devs and get some neat new stuff. 
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Don Whitaker

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A couple of tests using photos to create textured 3D models. Pretty darn spiffy. These are the objects straight from Agisoft's Photoscan software displayed in ZBrush. I might do a series of these then clean them up and make some game-ready models. Really nice details in both the mesh and texture data.
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well, I tried most of the free options on the Wiki page. Most are broken or gone, and the the rest are unfriendly. -. One does seems to be working - ARC 3D. It's like a bare bones version of 123D catch. I'm still waiting on their servers to return my test run, though. 

Didn't try the Python based app because I didn't feel like tinkering with all the required installs.
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Willamette Valley, Oregon
digital tinkerer
I'm following my creative whims, exploring the intersection of art and technology. Currently obsessed with creating games and sims in Unity, animating fractals with Mandelbulb 3D, and sculpting in Zbrush. I also enjoy creating meditative/experimental videos using Processing, After Effects, and Sony Vegas.

I've worked as a cook for 25 years, but now I'm working on Indie games and other creative digital projects. My first game, Crashed Lander, launches in June 2014!
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