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It seems to me that the Democrats have been trying to pull a fast one and they are on the verge of getting caught…
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James Comey was Missing Courage When It Counted

Yesterday under sworn testimony, former FBI Director James Comey admitted he lacked courage. I think there is some truth to that but not for the reasons you may think.

Comey demonstrated time-and-time again that he was a shrewd, unelected politician. He used courage when it benefited him, but most times when it counted he was spineless.

I have a lot more to say about when, how and why in the video...
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James Comey and “Loyalty” to Whom, or What?

Much is being said about Donald Trump’s question to James Comey last January. I want to propose a different perspective.

After watching Comey supersede his authority publicly, not once but twice, butcher Clinton, and refuse to stay behind the scenes as an FBI Director, I think Trump’s instincts told him that Comey couldn’t be trusted.

I have a lot more to say in today’s video.
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Is Donald Trump’s Approval Rating is Better Than Bill Clinton’s?

In a Newsweek article yesterday, they exposed that Trump’s approval rating is two points higher than Bill Clinton’s was at the same time in his Presidency.

If memory serves me correct, Bill Clinton is the left’s hero…

What is really going on?
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Myths of Islamic Radical Terrorism and Who’s Really to Blame for it

Over the years the liberals in America have reshaped the history of Islamic terrorism and its roots. Many have claimed that the United States is to blame as we pursued the greed of oil in the Middle East and through our wars we’ve caused the deaths of untold thousands of Muslims.

If we had just “left them alone none of this would be happening” mindset is not helpful to understanding them or why they are committing atrocious acts of terrorism in Great Britain, France, Germany, and in a smaller scale, the United States.
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Is “Enough is Enough” Really Enough in the Fight Against Islamic Terrorism?

Is “enough” really enough in the war against Islamic terrorism? Finally, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May is saying that it is. But what does that really mean?

In the United States, we followed the same liberal policies that Europe has implemented in regards to refugees and immigration. As a result, we risk running the same consequences.

I don’t know about you, but when I go to bed at night, I lock my doors. I don’t leave the keys in my car when I’m not with it.


Because if I leave the doors open to what’s important to me it will get stolen!

That’s exactly what has been going on. The Obama administration was warned by the intelligence agencies for years that we risked letting in the bad guys who seek to do us harm.

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Hillary Clinton Insults Deplorables, Again!

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton gave a list of excuses and conspiracy theories for why she lost to Donald Trump. In so doing, she once again insulted the deplorables. You know, those hard-working, financially struggling, just trying to make it Americans who were stupid enough to be sucked in by Donald Trump.

She said we are gullible and were played be a complex data mining operation that created fake news on Facebook… and so much more.

Hillary Clinton said that Trump touches the underbelly of America and in doing so insulted us again. She (and the liberals and elite) genuinely believe that we have to be stupid to be sucked in by him.

Find out what she said and more at
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Creating Opportunities For Your Future as Government Budgets Shrink

Big Government at the local, state and federal levels are growing and spiraling out of control. Deficits continue to grow and a crisis is looming for those who depend on government programs for their retirement, healthcare, food, shelter and other needs.

How do we inspire people to break out of their fears and give them a reason to pursue their dreams instead of living day-to-day on the dependence of the government?

What is the role of government in helping someone rediscover their passion, dignity, and future while preserving the social safety net for those who absolutely need it?

Listen in as PA State Senator Ryan Aument and I discuss the “Opportunity Society” and what it means to you, your family, loved ones, and your friends.

Also, if you’re someone who has experienced moving from government dependence to economic success, I want to hear from you! Please reach out to me and share your story!
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Bernie Sanders Revolution is in Big Trouble

Bernie Sanders was able to mobilize a group of people in the 2016 election who screamed loud but carried a very small stick.

In April, Bernie Sanders claimed that the model of the Democratic Party is failing. Yet, their policies are largely his… big government, high taxes, burdensome regulations, and policies that are a free-for-all.

Today, I’m outlining all of the failed losses since January of this year, it’s staggering.

The Sanders movement believes it has a message that resonates, they just need people to vote.

I will tell you why their message is failing and why it’s good for conservatives!

While Sanders and his supporters may scream loud, they ultimately carry a very small stick and as a result, their movement is big trouble. That’s bad for them but great for conservatives.

Listen to the podcast or check out the show notes at
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Authorities Who Appease Islamic Terrorist Have Blood on Their Hands

It seems that across Western Democracies, including the UK and the United States, leaders and authorities have been more interested in controlling Islamophobia than they are protecting citizens.

How many more have to be hurt or die before they figure out that many Muslims overarching aim is not tolerance or to integrate into Western society.

It appears that across Western Democracies, leaders have been more interested in controlling Islamophobia than they are protecting citizens.

It today’s article & podcast I will explain where this is coming from, a brief history of modern terrorism, how Western culture is rotting from within, and what we can do to build a stronger, freer, and more prosperous future.
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