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DeLauro, The Progressive Maenad Of The House
The Republican plan to abolish and replace Obamacare has now
collapsed. After much huffing and puffing, Republicans pulled their replacement
plan, such as it was, shook the dirt of medical care reform from their feet,
and vowed to move on to the next big is...

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Suzio: Rapists and Violent Criminals Should Not Be Released Early
"There are three
kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics” – a remark
attributed by Mark Twain to Disraeli Len Suzio lost his seat to incumbent State Senator Dante
Bartolomeo in a hard fought contest in 2014 by 1% of the vote and won the seat back

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Tail-Gunner Blumenthal vs. Gorsuch
U.S. Senator Dick Blumenthal was mentioned early in March in
connection with the nomination to the Supreme Court of Judge Neil Gorsuch, described by The Hill ,
not a far right publication, as “a conservative judge who has attracted praise
from both sides of...

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Malloy’s Trickle Up Prosperity Doesn’t Work
“First Five” agreements between Governor Dannel Malloy and
preferred companies such as Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc., thought to be a “ major player in Connecticut's fledgling bioscience industry ,” are non-enforced whenever Mr. Malloy chooses not to enforce...

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The Art Of Malloy’s Union Deal, Rowland All Over Again
Keith Phaneuf of CTMirror, who rather enjoys letting cats
out of bags, remarks in a recent column that
Governor Dannel Malloy will have some leverage in his negotiations with unions
next time around. These negotiations materially affect state budgets. While...

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What The Wise Men Of Connecticut Might Learn From The Wise Men Of Gotham
most fairy tales, the way out of the dark forest is the way in -- in reverse.
Sometimes the hero of the story will take care when entering the bewildering
forest to lay out the way back by leaving behind markers, beans strewn on
the ground, so he will no...

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Blumenthal, Murphy And Trump
U.S. Senator Dick Blumenthal has not told us in his
wanderings within Connecticut whether he believes the general run of citizens
in his state feel safer or less safe with the presence in Connecticut of
sanctuary cities. There are, at last count, three sanc...

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Lincoln Alive: His Relevance to Modern Politics
The address
below was given at Meriden’s Fourth Annual Lincoln Day Dinner The day is named after Abe Lincoln, and well named too. I
suppose this year those attending these remarks will thank God – who else? –
that they are not called upon to celebrate the J...

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Crime And Punishment In Connecticut
In Connecticut, some illegal aliens – an illegal alien being
a non-citizen who has illegally entered the country and therefore is not,
according to national and state laws, a lawful immigrant – commit crimes and
remain un-deported. Such was the case with Je...

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Connecticut And The Coming Peasants' Revolt
If you can hold the line on taxes, you will have created an
impetus within the laggard General Assembly for real, long-term cuts in
spending, and it is spending, not insufficient revenues, that is driving state
debt. The pantry at the Yankee Institute is fu...
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