Thanks for the great response everyone! Sony embracing web technologies such as #webgl  was what brought me to work here, and I'm really excited to talk about the details of our application. I think our team here has done an amazing job with the user experience.

I wanted to address some comments and clarify what is actually running WebGL with some development screen grabs. Each is highlighted accordingly. PS4 store is done completely in WebGL so I didn't attach anything related to that.

WebKit or Blink? We're a WebKit shop currently as people figured out from the PS4 license. The Blink/WebKit split happened after we were deep in development. My personal preference is Blink but that's not my decision to make.

UI framework is in house tech. I handled the layer below that it uses for its rendering which is all WebGL. Will be talking more about everything at that level during my talk at +SFHTML5.
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