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Just to let you know, I've made SCOtutor for Mac free today. It's a 150 minute video tutorial for new (and experienced Mac users) designed to teach you all about the Mac from scratch.

Just found out it's the #1 free Education app on the UK App Store.

There are two versions - 1 for the Mac and a Universal App for both the iPad and iPhone - both are free for a limited period.

Click on the link to get your copy and please feel free to pass on the links to friends, family and colleagues.

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Hey Don, thanks for that. Brill!
Just found out it's #1 in the US Mac App Store too!
Enzo, undecided about WWDC. May go without a ticket. Will definitely be looking at a new Mountain Lion tutorial. 
Don, thanks a lot! My wife switched last year and I switched about 4 years ago. We both still have questions, so I think that we'll start using your tutorials to catch up. I've seen you on TWIT a bunch of times. Can't wait to dig in. 
All the SCOtutor apps are Lion only. They use some Lion only frameworks to support the subtitles and other features. Plus it made it easier to port to iOS. Sorry!
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