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I can't believe she left out the part about including a non-letter character in your password! Unless you use uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols, not even this advice can protect you!!!1!

(srsly though: any banks using YubiKey?)
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At Chase Bank, we recognize the value of online banking—it’s quick, convenient, and available any time you need it. Unfortunately, though, the threats posed by malware and identity theft are very real and all too common nowadays. That’s why, when you’re finished with your online banking session, we recommend three simple steps to protect your personal information:

1: log out of your account
2: close your web browser
3: charter a seafaring vessel to take you 30 miles out into the open ocean and throw your computer overboard.

Yes, online banking security is as easy as one-two-three!

[. . .]

For those of you using a smartphone or tablet, the process for securely closing your banking session is very similar, except that you should find the nearest canyon and throw your device into that canyon. We then recommend simply scaling down the cliff face, locating the shattered remnants of your device, and spending the next few weeks traversing the country burying each individual piece in separate holes of varying depths several hundred miles apart.
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