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I need some great #Android  developers to work on Camera Awesome at +SmugMug. Millions of people will love your work and the priceless memories you'll help preserve.  And you've never heard of a company as amazing to work for:

Please re-share if you want Camera Awesome for Android as much as I do! :)
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Good Luck with filling this +Don MacAskill!   Have shared and Tweeted so hopefully I can soon get this app on my DROID RAZR.  ;-)
So I assume then that the Android version isn't even started yet?
Ah, yes. I will try to get this filled most ricky-tick. I need this in my life!
I will be graduating in June with a computer science degree.  Is the position available for new grads?
honestly, no, I don't want it.  I'd like to see some of those shiny improvements promised for pros in the prise rise fiasco, not  cameraphone apps.  Any updates for us?
+Caroline Shipsey I really hope to hear of at least a beta by the end of this year...I renew in December (which I switched to the 150 plan) but if there isn't anything announced by then I'm switching next year...I really don't want to but the longer nothing changes on the front end the more I think I'm the sucker for sticking around as there are other options...but I have from 2006 to now pictures on Smug, I want to like them, I want to stay but I'm feeling more like a sucker
I will ask around...And I will volunteer to do an early field trial/beta if you need. ;))
+Randy Pollock +Caroline Shipsey Happy to report that the first private beta testers are using the new stuff.  100% of our design team and web developers are working on incorporating the feedback we're getting.  Going to onboard more private beta testers in the next few weeks and see how we do.  No dates, since we're a "Ship when it's done" company, but there are no resources on Camera Awesome that could be used on this project.  Early next year is my best guess at this point, but hard to say for sure until we get more customer feedback.
+Randy Pollock Camera Awesome for Android has been in development for quite awhile.  It will probably be quite awhile longer before it's finished, but if we can find some great developers, we can speed that up. :)
+Don MacAskill as always you answer the tough questions from me and others and I say thank you for that...I'm super happy to hear things are moving in beta. I'm happy to be a tester if that is an option, I'm an IT coordinator for a public library system in Tennessee...

Like I said I am renewing in December just not at the level I wish I could but the 150.00 level will work for my photography needs at least for 2013.
+Randy Pollock No problem.  SmugMug is built entirely on customer feedback, and I will never forget that.  

Stay tuned today (hopefully!) for an announcement about Portfolio accounts you'll probably like (which was driven by customer feedback).  

Will be in touch if we run out of testers and need more feedback.  As you can imagine, the waiting list is deep.  :)
+Don MacAskill excellent news and also about Portfolio accounts - thank you!  Now if you've got room for another beta tester that would make my day:)
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