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Ever since I was a young child, I've loved turtles. Maybe it was the influence of the teenage mutant ninja variety, or the pet painted turtle I had for many years... but the little critters are awesome!

I spotted these guys, but before I was able to snap the shot, I scared them down back into the water. "Patience", I told myself, "they'll be back." - I set up in the right spot and waited.... for about 30-40 minutes as motionless as I could be. Yep, they came back in almost exactly the same place.

#TurtleTuesday by +LeLinda Bourgeois - enjoy!
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30 to 40 minutes! Well, actually...that sounds about right for turtles. :)
Thanks +Elena Konstantinova and +Bill Pevlor! Haha yes, that's about right... after 15 minutes or so, the turtles started poking their heads back up, but it took them a good while to to find their ways back on the log. :)
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