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The “Infidel” knife – dipped in pig’s blood during the forging process
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Don Gomez

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Numbers don't lie.
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My Two Glorious Weeks at Baghdad's Hotel California During the Iraq War ...

In October 2003, my squad got assigned to one of the best gigs in the country. We were supposed to be an emergency "Quick Reaction Force," b

Writing About War, I Hate it But Can’t Stop

Army veteran Don Gomez writes about how he can’t stop writing about war and why that troubles him.

Iraq and Afghanistan are with me every day, but UK made wrong call on Syria

James Jeffrey: I'm confident that doing nothing isn't the answer in Syria, nor a morally defensible position. Think about Rwanda

The Day Saddam's Palace Turned into a US Soldiers' Leisure Resort | VICE...

I had a wonderful time on the high-dive and getting a mid-war manicure.

'Ironman' a game-changer on battlefield | Article | The United States Army

After a 2 1/2 hour firefight in Afghanistan Iowa National Guard Solders started wondering how they could carry loads of crew-served weapon a

Iraq 10 years on - the key bloggers look back on the war

How did the US-led invasion and occupation of Iraq affect people who were there at the time? Three bloggers on Iraq reveal how the war chang


Advise & Dissent Opinion BY GUSTAV HASFORD From Penthouse, June 1987 The difference between a fairy tale and a sea story is that a fairy tal

“Someday this war’s going to end…”

“Someday this war’s going to end…” The majority of my peers at IBOLC are younger than me, hovering around the age of 23. Many of them were j

Women in USMC Infantry Officer CourseWomen in USMC Infantry Officer Course

“The women are expected to do everything that the men do,” says Marine Col. Todd Desgrosseilliers, who commands the organization responsible

“Tell them I held the line…”

“Tell them I held the line…“ I just finished Mass Effect 2, having rolled into it right after playing Mass Effect. I won’t get a chance to p

I am Commander Shepard (on Sunday mornings)

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Social media as a way to bridge the civil-military divide

Just about every week there is some event that happens that connects social media and the Army, for good or for ill. I’m a true believer in

Give me Liberty and them Death: The Absurdity of Fundamentalisms | Kings...

As for my 78 slaves...well, uh, everything has its limits... Well, then—don’t we all feel much better now? We cannot, sadly, end this

Why do we need a draft, again?

Looks like we’re doing okay. Source: Department of Defense

Young LTs: Too cool to take drill and ceremony seriously

One of the things I’ve noticed about the young LTs I’ve been around at IBOLC is how lax their attitudes are towards “garrison” army stuff, l

Marketing the civil-military divide

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None of you are real fans of Back to the Future, obvz.

I love Back to the Future. Which is why it uncharacteristically annoys me when I keep seeing people sharing an image of the time circuits wi

The terrible/fantastic commercials of Columbus, GA

Despite being from New York, I enjoy watching television. I especially like local morning news shows. I miss the stupid-early ABC news team

Stan McChrystal, Drone Skeptic | Danger Room |

Retired Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the former commander of the Afghanistan war, briefs his subordinates in Kandahar, 2010. Photo: ISAF AS