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I'm interested to hear about any creative uses of aspects or stunts, or any interesting rules hacks you've used in your games. No reason. :)

Has anyone read THE PASSAGE, by Justin Cronin? I was thinking about running a campaign based on a mashup between that and From Dusk Til Dawn. Anyone wanna help me with that?

I run a session every other week, and my game has 9 players. While I've managed it okay, that size of a group is really hard to do the best storytelling. Combat in any system with that many players takes forever of course. I don't get to see these people very often, so it's nice to get together and have fun, but we don't get too much accomplished in game and I'm concerned about making sure everyone gets their time to shine.

I know that the obvious answer is pare down the group somehow. But I'd like to know how you folks run large groups. This is a modern action/horror setting based on the Fate systems. The party is a covert team that works for a secret organization that fights monsters (very similar to Monster of the Week, or MHI). Would love all ideas/insights.

Twitch fans, and Twitch users... anyone running virtual Fate games? I'm investigating some options for DG and I'm not sure how to solve keeping track of Aspects/Free Invokes on a virtual game.

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This would be so much cooler if Star Trek hadn't just used the same song.

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This is it. The final DG Game Night using Hangouts on Air. Jimmy McMichael will DM the final session, as we play Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terrors! A story that's been brewing since Episode 1 now comes to a head.

What is Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terrors? This is the roleplaying game where the world is our world with one caveat. Every religion, every tradition, every urban legend, every creepy monster story... it's all true. The world is filled with dark terrors that want to eat you. Good thing there's a secret organization that's existed for thousands of years to fight the horrors of the night: The Brotherhood of the Celestial Torch, aka, "Demon Hunters". As players in this game, you play a team of Demon Hunters fighting the ridiculous evil to protect the so-called innocent. A kind of "Agents of Shield" meets "Supernatural", with the comedy of "Army of Darkness" or "Ghostbusters".

If you want to buy a copy, you can head over to:

There's also downloads, including character sheets, links to other episodes of DG Game Night, and all our Demon Hunters videos.


We don't know yet. We're taking some time to think on the format, how YouTube Live works, as well as other possible solutions like Twitch.
Thanks all for watching. We hope to be back with an even better show.

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