Barbara Bush On Obama's Reelection: 'People Spoke. Move On, Get On With It'

[I don't usually agree with Barbara Bush.  I found her comments after Katrina as very insensitive; I wondered about her sanity and if senility had set in.  But, as any reasonable and sensible adult should know, it is time to move on.   Plus, what is your problem with President Obama, anyway?  He has done nothing wrong.  He hasn't acted as quickly as we'd like on the Patriot Act and the closing of Guantanamo but those were put in place by the Republicans and the Bush administration - don't blame President Obama.  You don't like the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act?  Then, you either don't understand it or you're a heartless person with no sympathy and empathy for your fellow citizens.  The ACA is an important step forward; we will all benefit in some way.  Believe it or not, we're on this small planet together and it is IMPORTANT that we take care of each other.]
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