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Its live! Check your Resistance Channels for more Infos :-)
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WE WON! :-) <3
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Schee wars.. :)
So… according to our Vanguards, the beautiful town of Lucerne, Switzerland has been chosen for a #DarkXMCure Resistance Linkstar for Saturday, March 24th 2018 (DarkXM phase 1, day 2).

Lucerne is a rather small city (~80k) and the number of players in the area is not very big compared to more urban areas. Also, with preparation time of less than a week, it was decided right away, that this operation needs the support of Resistance agents from all over Switzerland. The location of the town in the blue/green Ingress landscape and the distribution and play style of the local frogs also suggested, that this has to stay as secret until the very last stage of planning. Frogs like to cover Lucerne with green layers every now and then, and could have easily prevented a link star if they did that again.

Stealth key farming on the green L7 target started right away. No hack mods could be used, so it was 2 or 3 visits per day for 4 hacks each visit. The two key farmers eventually farmed 130 keys, which was considered more than enough for 50+ links.

The strategy was to start the action as late as possible, in order to not allow the enemy any reaction time. Until Saturday 15:50, nothing on intel or scanner suggested, that there was a major operation going on with more than 30 agents keeping quiet and getting themselves into position. (However, a local agent on a sneaky side-quest successfully lured away the main enemy force from the city.)

15:50 the action started. Portals were flipped and links thrown. The 50 minimum links were up in no time. At the time of the measurement, 137 links were recorded. None of the enemy forces were in town when the action started and of course they did not make it back there in time either.
Also the parallel operation in Zürich might have helped keeping frogs busy and not draw any attention to Lucerne.

Big thanks to everyone involved (and also those who were willing to be involved if needed)!



Key Farming:

@Micky (field)
@MissLegat (intel)
@RepotonBoxing (intel)

Field Agents:
… and some more last minute joiners.

#DarkXMCure #Resistance #Lucerne #IRZS #SwissCavalry #LeistungGezeigt
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Ya'll ready for this? Who wants to play?
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One more aspect is the backpack has reflective parts for safety during the night.

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Handling their playerbaser

A step-by-step guide

Step 1) Niantic develop a highly competitive game with information available on enemy activity, where real world costs are incurred as part of gameplay
Step 2) Niantic allows spoofers free rein to destroy the work of agents in Ingress, letting them affect mega fields, hard to access anchors, connected cells and even anomaly scores for years
Step 3) Players ask Niantic for help, Niantic ignores their requests and fails to ban obvious spoofers #solved
Step 4) Players develop sophisticated tools superior to those of Nia to tell clearly who is spoofing, using information Nia leaves freely available but says not to use
Step 5) Niantic take advantage of the information gathered by agents to make the trusted reporter programme effective, happily turning a blind eye to where the information comes from
Step 6) Niantic freaks out when one of the scrapers is outed, and removes the trusted reporters
Step 7) Niantic take legal action against the one scraper they have information on due to a player investigation
Step 8) Spoofers and other scrapers continue

Pathetic. If you did your job, +NIA Ops, none of this would be needed.
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christmasshopping... :)
Enjoy our XMAS SALE 2017

Voucher code: HPYXMAS

Check it out:

We will close our current shop after the XMAS sale. Maybe we are coming back with a redesign.

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Looks like NIA is asking for a shitstorm... LOL.

Resetting the Portalnetwork (All Portals GREY!) with the start of Ingress Prime isnt a clever move. ;) Another "Fuck ther Userbase"
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