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What does a trip to The Meathouse end up looking like? Deliciousness

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Is this Deadliest Warrior for Star Wars? Either way, I like....and I picked Jedi, despite my Sith preference.

The more I read about the Imperial Agent, the more I wish it was 12/20 already. However, who really thought it was a good idea to release a game when those of us in retail will be busy working.... NOT AMUSED BIOWARE

Any when is tweekdeck going to expand from only allowing a Buzz account to Google+

I should not be spending so much time reading posts about SWTOR. I have been waiting long enough, and continuing to torture myself will not make it release faster.

Where is my testing invite?

Why is there no Google+ love on ESPN pages? I don't want to recommend articles on Facebook.

So we have football. Biggest question now is will Madden be updated properly to the new rules 
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