So I have this box of RFduino stuff, and I'd like to integrate it with The Thing System.

RFduino is a Arduino compatible with integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). It currently shows up on TTS dashboard under presence. The RFduino provides one custom BLE service with a read characteristic, a write characteristic and 3rd characteristic to disconnect.

RFduino is designed so that all the implementations use the same BLE service. The Arduino API let's the sketch define a service name to tell what service is being provided.

For an iOS client, I get the RFduino service name as part of the AdvertisementData passed to didDiscoverPeripheral. The name is parsed out of the Manufacturer Data Field.

So, how would I go about integrating this into TTS? I'd like to start with 2 simple examples

The default temperature sketch which could display the temp on the dashboard.

The LED sketch could allow TTS to actuate the LED and report it's status to the dashboard.

EDIT 2013-12-13: RFduino is re-arranging their docs and code. Created gists for source code that was moved.  See RFduino's site for the latest documentation and code.
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