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Don & Angie Carter (Carter Counseling)

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Activity Roundup: Hey, we have been so busy adding content and upgrading web-pages that there has been little time to do the weekly roundup -- so, I am changing the name to Activity Roundup and will post these summaries as often as I can.

Infographics: There are lots of benefits for the person who likes to skim and get information in a more visual way so we are posting more infographics. So this activity roundup post will focus on those...

Here are some Brainwave Entrainment Research infographics that we posted recently:

Here are some Meditation Infographics:

Here's one on Understanding Anxiety:

And Finally, for now, here is one on how to Stop Negative Thinking:

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New Webinar Presentation (Watch Now): "How we make our maps of reality" or "Why does this always happen to me?"

Weekend Roundup: Busy week with Christmas but we still managed to get some posts and articles out there. Doing this roundup every weekend is turning out to be even better than I thought - not only do I get to catch everyone up on our contributions, but I am more focused and eager to post knowing that I will be looking back on our progress. For example, the first entry below was a nice surprise:

1. We posted this meditation guide for skeptics infographic a little over a week ago, but it really gained some traction this week with 72 shares so far:

2. This post provides an article and a video on the research behind brainwave entrainment and ADHD. Having an interest in the former and a lifelong diagnosis in the latter I can testify that brainwave session really help with focus, concentration, and memory. Plus it just feels refreshing!

3. We concluded the 25 Days of Christmas presents this week for the subscribers of our Serenity Cafe Newletter ( I lost count of how many gifts we actually gave out but there were eBooks, Memberships, audios, software programs and ecourse. Be sure to join so you can participate next year (Yes, I am sure we will do it again!) Look for it at

6. We are busy setting priorities and making plans for how to provide more value in the coming year... this weekend round up is a part of that planning so keep checking in on the weekend.

7. Finally, look for more research on the various levels of brainwave activity and how to encourage the mind to make more of the right kind of brainwaves depending on your ever changing needs. We will certainly be keeping up with this awesome research as it is proving to be much more effective in managing stress, increasing energy, sharpening focus, and helping the body to heal itself. 

Have a great New Years week!!

Resolved to recreate yourself this year? Learn to meditate mindfully!

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Checkout our Online Cinema -  ticket not required. Now Playing: Various movies about abandonment issues, toxic shame, survival roles, and addictive relationships - the one below is about overcoming self-esteem issues stemming from childhood abandonment issues: 
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