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Don Archer
android ninja, lingerie kingpin, and sushi lover
android ninja, lingerie kingpin, and sushi lover

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Anyone got a great solution for "fixing" the AP2 cup holder? It seems like there should be some kind of insert to make it useful. 

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BABBQ is not to be missed this year!
Android Performance Patterns is invading the Big Android BBQ this year
This just in :  The focus of this year's Big Android BBQ will be all about Android Performance. If you're looking to shake hands and ask questions with myself, +Reto Meier +Chet Haase +Timothy Jordan +Joanna Smith +Ian Lake  and a plethora of other Performance-Minded Googlers, then I suggest you scurry over and buy your tickets now, while they are still on Early Bird price.

Note: speakers subject to change.. last year +Chet Haase  kept complaining about Waffle Houses and his cholesterol count... I think if we can get him some good cardio in, then he'll be back for this year. But we've banned +Timothy Jordan 's hat from the event...

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New house build tiles and woods.

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Mmmm. Beef. 

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Go home Analytics. You're drunk.

+Justin Cremeans is hackin some NFC right now eh? nice work. i'll have to figure out how to make those codes a bit better before the BABBQ friday!

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We're excited to announce this year's #BABBQKeynote speakers, +Reto Meier  and +Timothy Jordan  will lead the event discussing all things #Android . Join us at the #BABBQ5 kick-off on October 17. And this isn't the only Google-flavored news we've got, so make sure to stay tuned over the next week as we will be detailing even more Google involvement.

Find out more! ->

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Oooh. It's the Nest of sprinkler systems. Want.

Hey, anyone in the Dallas/Fort Worth area looking for a little spare time work? I have a cool c#, ASP MVC, Jquery application that we need a little help with. It's junior level, but it's a fun team and it pays! #aspmvc   #dallas   #csharp   #jquery   #bootstrap   #startup  

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Planetary Annihilation Launch Trailer. Oh. My. God. A sequel to the best game evar!
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