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I'm unique

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Hey guys does anyone use iMovie a lot I have a friend who needs help the content library menu is missing and he needs to add audio to his video

Oh gosh it's so weird seeing my artwork as the last thing on techfoolery ... Anyways how is everyone doing? I miss you guys 

Wow +James Bricknell​ is married now congratulations I'm really happy for you and jealous of Mrs Bricknell because your awesome in a dirty nerdy way love you James !

Happy Birthday to Mi +Silvia Huerta​ <3 !!!!! I hope you enjoy your day! 

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I made Old Bay Shrimp Etouffe it was delicious 

Shit I keep forgetting g+ exist I guess I need to get an iPhone 

Made some blacken fish for dinner it was delicious I didn't even take a picture lol 

I hate having allergies 

Never go partying Saturday than get up at 9am for a wine festival Sunday I'm going to sleep until tomorrow 

Hey people I'm sure I've missed nothing what's up? 
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