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Oh , packagers packagers packagers .. Erlang:

Option A: chop up core Erlang into various modules and give them clever names, so that using Erlang starts out as an exercise in figuring out what isn't installed yet while common Erlang commands, API, and project builds fail wildly. Probably because upstream ships core Erlang as a holistic environment, not a mincemeat of separate projects.

Option B: Deliver Erlang and its runtime as the upstream project delivers it, so that 3rd party applications and tools Just Work(tm). Takes a bit more disk space, probably even one whole entire megabyte! gasp

Apparently the Fedora / Red Hat folk think Option A is the Way to Go .. and it sucks. Perhaps it is part of the Holy War against vendorization? "Everything Must Be An RPM With A Myriad Dependencies On Other RPMs" .. which in the Erlang world results essentially in: fuck you and your release build tools with their "fancy" (as in: it actually works) upgrade tooling.

SUSE goes for option B, and bless their hearts for that. They also package a bunch of optional add-ons as well as the GUI components separately, which makes sense as those are all optional.

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Default compiler for Tumbleweed updating to GCC 5

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The best +GNOME  release ever is here with whopping 33525 changes made by 1043 contributors over the past six months!

3.16 highlights includes:
Reimagined notifications
Improvements in Files
Distraction-less scrollbars
Refreshing looks of Image Viewer
and 4 new preview apps: Calendar, Books, Builder & Characters

Check out the release notes to discover a whole lot of changes in & under the hood of your favourite desktop experience...

Grab a copy of live image at

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The 0.1 cent (that's 1/10th of a penny) per GB per Month +SUSE Enterprise Storage, Powered by +Ceph, has arrived!

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Brace yourselves, Europe!  SUSECon 2015 will happen in Amsterdam Nov 2nd - 6th!

More info (and pre-registration):

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66 job openings at +SUSE -- ranging from Linux Kernel development and QA to Marketing and Sales.

Join the team.  Power the Chameleon.

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In GNOME 3.16, the Music application added for you smart playlists:

Most Played 
Never Played
Recently Added  
Recently Played

The list is not yet final. Music uses's way to count song as 'played' - more than 40% of song content should be played.

#Music   #GNOME   #Playlists  
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