Please spread this video, because we should not allow big companies like Tupperware to treat customers like they did in my case:

As you can see in the video, this new product is clearly broken. I tried two times to get a replacement through my Tupperware consultant and described to her exactly what was wrong with the box. Both times, it just came back directly from the local Tupperware branch, because the manager there had just decided that it was "apparently okay". It never went to the complaints department. At that point I began to feel ripped off, because if I pay 25€ ($33) for a box that contains cheese, I want it to work properly and to get it replaced easily if it is broken. It especially clashes with their widely advertised "lifetime guarantee".
Then I wrote an e-mail to their contact address on the website and I got an answer from their "Supervisor Customer Relations", asking who my Tupperware consultant was. I though that I finally reached someone who was willing to help, but I was proven wrong: After my answer, I just got back a mail telling me to get in contact with my local Tupperware branch, exactly the ones who declined my request two times. Fail!
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