After-action report: Faster than Niantic Servers: Icebears, Deserts and a lot of Europe (Codename ODIE)

Agent @Destroy reporting for
@nospecs, @matspa, @elRetito, @Guschtel and myself

How it Starts

The idea of a big field over all of Europe already arose in the week of the attempted operation Indigo (November 2013), which was the week when very rare link amps were introduced, much to the discomfort of the team involved in Indigo who wanted to create the biggest field possible (which would not be the biggest anymore with the introduction of VRLA). The ensuing discussion revealed ideas for a field like Indigo, but with VRLA, and it soon became evident that the field would have to be turned upside down in comparison to Indigo.

Three portal locations were needed, two of them accessible for a sufficient number of agents who can build L8 portals and one third location to link to.

During the planning we thought that we could combine the two Big Area Fields, Indigo and ODIE, which put a lot of pressure on the team organizing Indigo² since we only had a timeslot of about an hour before it would have been too late (because of ODIE). 

The operation ODIE should include as much of the european and adjacent population as possible, have links that are on the order of 6000 km long, preferably close to max (6’881 km) and have corner portals that are not easily reachable for ENL agents within 30 minutes.

It unfortunately turned out that one of these demands could not be met by a field that has corner portals in the very north of Europe (Svalbard).

Then the preparations begun. Keys were transfered from Abu Dhabi, via Germany/ Switzerland/ Austria to Fuerteventura/ Svalbard and from Svalbard to Fuerteventura. Keys from Svalbard and the Canaries were transferred via Italy, agents @blackswarm and @lukemoder drove for many hours to deliver keys from Bologna to the Austrian border. Flights and train tickets were booked. Alireza rented a car to help in this operation and to be in Abu Dhabi one day before his exams. +Viktor Steixner   (@nospecs) and two other agents (@Ximinez and @mrfluffles) flew to Svalbard, to set up the level 8 portal. vialli had probably the hottest destination and flew to Fuerteventura with his group of agents. The crazy Russians drove more than three hours by car to reach their destination. Due to this engagement and lots of other agents as cleaners and operators we could celebrate two successful operations on D-Day. All three links for the ODIE field, as well as all layers from operation Indigo could be established.

See here, for the Indigo² AAR:

Our compliments to @TBagTOS and @Knigge from the Enlightened that took down one portal in Svalbard for what would have been the biggest field ever if the Niantic servers would have been able to calculate it fast enough.
See related post:

Some special greetings to  +Terje Petter Leiros  : We had a blast during the day of this operation (and a lot of IceBEERs) and we are very sorry that some of your teammates had to wake you up in the middle of the night to take down the level 8 portal that we started to build five hours before ;-). The portal actually was flipped 4 times, since we did not have enough L8 agents up there.

Thanks to all the agents involved in this epic operation. For the resistance!

Links created:
From Svalbard to Abu Dhabi: 6’299km
From Svalbard to Fuerteventura: 5’783km
From Fuerteventura to Abu Dhabi: 6’793km

Fields created and MU

#EmptyField   #Resistance   #EphemeralField   #existtoresist  
#IceBeers   #Odie     #NEFresist  

Agents involved:

Core team:
+Viktor Steixner @nospecs 
+Martin P.A. @matspa 
+Reto Krucker @elRetito 
+Dominik Hoffmann   @Destroy
+Christoph H. @Guschtel 

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Some quotes from our agents in the field:
I was a stranger here in Qatar and Yogi78 invited me. We went to several places and destroyed some portals that could cause problems during the link. We are happy that we were able to do our part. 

Spent the two week leading up creating blockers and steering agents away from crossing the path. Still needed two Jarvises to clear the remaining.

I had job to clean one link. Went, did my job, went back home. 

Cleaning the corridor in Qatar. First time involved in an international mission... Great experience!

It's been my first experience in an op center. Due to security I got my first look at the huge scale of the field as I arrived - and I was impressed.

Never thought that the dull part of checking the link path for blocking links could be so much fun. Finding roads, creeks and railroads somewhere in nowhere showed the vast dimensions of that field. 

But the action got more intense as the team in Spitsbergen started their first preparation tasks. And then came the shock - some frogs were there too. And in the Op center we were condemned to just watching what happened there.

The southern link got through without any troubles. The western link came up. And then the eastern - but before the field could be established - and maybe force the niantic servers to some extra computing cycles the frogs in Spitsbergen woke up and killed our anchor. Damn, that was it. All the tension and all the great preparations were gone with a puff. It felt somewhat like being denied the long awaited reward for highly concentrated work. 

Being on the team was great fun, and also a great honor being trusted to work on such a big op. I was amazed that a small team in the op center could move so much with dedication, passion and concentrated work.

Although I do not know them, my thoughts went out to all the field agents who traveled miles and miles in Spitsbergen, Russia, Ireland, Egypt, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Spain and all the other countries our links crossed, to make a point.

Exist to resist.

Despite having a big local operation, I decided to leave to get home and assist in operating for Odie. With the difference I didn't know anything about 66 or Odie in the first place, I got my task. It all boiled down to this: Surprisingly, there were no crosslinks in the sahara desert. Sadly for Odie, the party ended before it even started. Nevertheless an incredible operation.

What we learned: we had an excellent organization, everything went down extremely smoothly. Pure random chance took some green players to an island in the middle of the North Atlantic, where they destroyed our best laid plans.

When I was contacted by ODIE team few months back I was very excited to be part of a global OP. I was to farm 7 Abudhabi portals for keys. I met with agent Bellevue who carried the keys I farmed to agents in Europe.  Since the operation was the night before my finals and I lived in another city in UAE, I tried to assign our few Abudhabi agent to take part in cleaning and deploying but unfortunately our agents were traveling or unavailable and the green Abudhabi was greener then ever. I decided to take maters in my own hand. Rented a car left my place at 2300 met with agent Superkrang who helped me stock up my inventory, now locked and loaded, I drove 200km to the Anchors in Abudhabi, cleaning up blockers on my way. July 6th, 3:00 AM, now or never, parked the car, 35 degrees outside, 55% humidity! started walking. First portal deployed, second, third and fourth, Damn!! I'm low on lower level Resonators! can't fully deploy the last 3. I see links coming in, ran to nearest uncaptured portals Hack! 1 reso! damn it! Hack 3 resos! Hack 1 reso, Im good to go. Ran back and Deployed final 3 portals! All links made, our northern links accomplished but only for a mere few seconds! north anchor down. A great job. For us FIELDS WERE ACCOMPLISHED. time to drive back home and get ready for EXAM!

 +Anne Beuttenmüller +Anne Miles +Conny Birckenstock +Alexander Meyer  +Vicki Ellen +Ruth Shepherd +Kavern Chan +Alana Duckett +Nuno Virgílio Rocha +Iris Garcia +Lucy Shires +Brandon Badger +Klue S. +Hulong Transglobal +Ingress +Vincent Rammelt  +Flurin Noller +Joe Philley +Julia Haug 
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