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I just received my new HTC One and installed Action Launcher. I'm trying to search for a way to get a shortcut to a contact added to my homescreen. I can only find widgets for "Direct Call" and "Direct Message" but nor for opening the contact. Is this a limitation because of the HTC Sense which is still installed and can this be somehow circumvented?

Why can 'darcs mv' not be used if the file was changed and the file was renamed at the same step? This happens quite often when working with an IDE and java if you move a class from one package to another: The file is moved and the first line of the file (the "package ...") is updated.

------ exec in new folder -----------
darcs init

#Add a new file 'file'
echo "Old content" > file
darcs add file 
darcs record

#Move it and change it at the same time
mv file newfile
echo "New content" >> newfile 

darcs add newfile

#Now darcs failes when telling it that the file was moved
darcs mv file newfile
Leads to:
darcs failed:  cannot move File file into newfile : did you already move it elsewhere?

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Celebrating 100,000 installs of my "Today In History" Android application. If you haven't tried already check it out on the Google Play Store: It's free and ad-free. For the near future: Stay tuned as I'm currently developing an all new version which will (at least on recent Android versions) use newly available features: Completely updated UI with multi-column layout, faster downloads and much more. 

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Yeah, my first (public) research paper (which has grown out of my diploma thesis) got accepted on a international conference, the ICPE (International Conference on Performance Engineering):

Qais Noorshams, Dominik Bruhn, Samuel Kounev, and Ralf Reussner:
Predictive Performance Modeling of Virtualized Storage Systems using Optimized Statistical Regression Techniques.

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Review for my "Today In History Widget":
The Gentlemens Choice: A true gentleman is always well informed, about the present, but especially the past. This app gives you all the known and not so well known history you SHOULD know. Remember the difference between a gentleman and a loser is knowledge, and this app gives you the power to be all you can and should be. Top shelf. Thanks Kurtis K. Cullen

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Celebrating over 50.000 users of my Today In History Widget for Android. Its still free, its still ad-free and its still under active development. If you haven't tried it out and you are interested in history, trivia or facts then check it out on the Google Play Store:

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I just released a new version of my 'Today In History' Android app. During the last year the app has evolved from a widget to a small application which allows you to select different sources for historic events. The focus of the app is still the widget but it supports many more features. The design is completely redone and the app contains a new widget for newer Android versions.

Check out the screenshots and install it from the Play Market, its completely free and ad-free:

Feel free to comment here!
TIH Widget 3.0
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(English Version below)

Ich habe gerade eine ganz neue, viel bessere Version meiner Android Anwendung für Geschichtsinteressierte "Today in History"/"Jahrestag" veröffentlicht. In aller Kürze zeigt diese Anwendung auf dem Homescreen an, was am heutigen Tag so alles im Laufe der Zeit passiert ist. Es sind viele neue Funktionen hinzugekommen, unter anderem gibt es jetzt eine Liste mit den Ereignissen für einen schnelle Überblick. Außerdem kann man das Widget jetzt in seinem Aussehen anpassen.

Download unter

Ich würde mich über ein share an interessierte Circles freuen. Danke!

English Version:

I released a all new version of my Android Application "Today In History". The application shows events which happened today in history from various sources on your homescreen. New features include a overview list which contains all events on one screen and a fully customizable widget.

Download at

If you know any people, who might find this interessting, please share to those circles. Thanks!
Today In History Widget
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A new project by me: The "Picture of the Day - Wikipedia" project. It displays a unique and beautiful picture, selected by the Wikipedia Community on your device. You can also check out the pictures of the last month. The application is developed as web-application so you can use it on every device which has a internet-connection:

Desktop-Users: Check out and add it to your bookmarks or desktop.
iOS-Users: Check out and add it to your Home Screen
Android-Users: Check out

If you like it, reshare to others who might like it.
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