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Google starts selling "Pure Google" devices again starting with the Galaxy Nexus for GSM networks. Expect a pure Google tablet next...
[US Only] Starting today, you can buy Galaxy Nexus on Google Play. This Galaxy Nexus costs $399 and arrives at your door unlocked, without a carrier commitment or contract. Use Galaxy Nexus on the GSM network of your choice, including T-Mobile and AT&T in the US.

Galaxy Nexus is the latest smartphone from Google featuring Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich (with Android Beam and Google+ mobile hangouts), the best Google mobile services and fastest updates directly from Google.

This unlocked Galaxy Nexus also has Google Wallet pre-installed, so you can pay quickly by tapping your Galaxy Nexus wherever MasterCard PayPass is accepted. Get $10 in your account as a Google Prepaid Card after you activate Google Wallet.

Learn more at, and get your unlocked Galaxy Nexus on Google Play:
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who cares, I'm getting SIRI today, she'll reminde me to put the Gaspaco on Ice, cause no one likes HotSpaco
Yeah too bad Apple has a weak web infrastructure - so SIRI is unavailable half the time. Weak.
Have fun frolicking in the meadow with the rest of the iSheep
You get no gazpacho, just HotZpacho!!
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