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+Android Developers No more CDMA\LTE Galaxy Nexus support? WTF?!! Are you serious? If this is true there is going to be the worst move Google ever made. Ever. Wow, please say it isn't so. Please
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I Agree, if this is true i see a HUGE class action suit against VZ for bait and switch, as well as pissing of tons off customers GOOGLE!
its not so. 10$ says the files were taken down to be modified or new ones put up. 4.0.3 update most likely.
What the hell is going on. No more CDMA support for the G-Nex? That is BS Google and you know it.
I hope you're right as well, if Google really stopped supporting this phone I will be really disappointed. Especially before they fixed their radios and connectivity issues!
I will leave Verizon if this is Verizon's fault or dump Android altogether if Google's fault. AHHHHHH!!!!
Guys the files from the VZW Xoom were removed as well...more then confident that its an update and who ever reported it first was looking for the attention they got
If it is Verizon's fault, please take it out on them and not the users. We bought the Galaxy Nexus because of the support directly from the Android team. I hope this gets reconsidered.
Koush was the first one. I don't think he needs any more attention
If this is true I honestly would be pretty upset. As an average consumer who is a pretty large Google fan I just feel as if I have been cheated. I'm going to hold off judgement until I know that this isn't some type of mistake or misunderstanding. Otherwise this might just be my last phone on Verizon (assuming Verizon is to blame).
Please let this just be another case of my paranoia and pessimism acting up. Please.
+Taylor Hunt I'm with you. Chalk it up to extreme fan loyalty if this is merely a loophole closing for GWallet.
+Jared Jones It might be, because all Verizon devices have been removed from the site - so perhaps it's a legal issue. Why would they drop so many devices at once? Especially without an announcement?
Google, seriously... What. The. F*(%! I bet this has something to do with Google Wallet and Verizon.
+Jared Jones yeah pulling a Sprint device is weird. Unless the 4.0.3 update applied to all CDMA based devices. Don't know. Either way an explanation or announcement is in order.
Just tell us who is to blame and you will be spared our wrath.
I try to start conversations in the threads on Droid Life but I think people just take it as me being a dick. Timoh
+Tim Helling I love DL, but all the fighting with been all android users is becoming a little irritating
I hope that's right. It would make a little more sense.
I agree with both of you guys on the arguing. It's ruining the community that used to be there.
+Jared Jones I actually take that is worse news. Because if you think about it, the best part of having this device is having custom developer ROMs. But I guess it be open source versions will be available, then I guess the developers will still have access to the code earlier than the over the air update would be pushed out
As long as its still dumped into aosp and pushed out I don't think it would be a big deal. There still needs to be an explanation for the whole thing though.
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