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I am an SEO manager

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Robots Have Never Been So Cool! (.txt)

This is the most fun article I've read in a while, and I even learnt a thing or two!

Should be required reading for any and every SEO out there, I see far too many people (even on disallowing areas of the website in the hopes of removing it from search results... it's just not the case!

I also learnt that Google doesn't adhere to crawl delay in robots.txt just a few weeks too late...

Worth a read, even just for the funny examples!

+Patrick Stox+Search Engine Land#Robots #TechnicalSEO

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On route to #BrightonSEO looking like a total nerd! #GettingExcited #TripleNerdScore

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The Future of SEO - Insight in to how Google is changing

Now this is the most interesting article I've read for quite a while!

It looks at Google's patents, those that relate to their ranking algorithm(s), and how they are changing right now, and gives some insight in to how they will probably change in the future, too.

Nice work +Barbara Starr; thanks for a good read!

H/t +Search Engine Land & +SemanticFuse  

#SEO #SERPs #StructuredData

On route to Brighton for #BrightonSEO - Hooray!

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Link Building case studies; the best way to learn!

Nothing like a few #linkbuilding  success stories in the morning to wake you up if you're an SEO.

Here's a huge list of SEO expert's most successful link building campaigns in 2014, so you know they're going to be absolutely chocked full of actionable ideas to adapt to your own client, brand or industry.

Check it out! H/t +Cory Collins, thanks!

Google's Twitter 'firehose' turning back on!?

Last time Google had access to crawl Twitter tweets (aka the 'firehose'), Twitter was supposed to be a ranking factor in Google's ranking algorithm...

Could that be the case this time??

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Increasing time on site and pages per visit improves conversion rate

A study by +Alan Coleman of ecommerce sites finds that the Google Analytics time on site and pages per visit metrics positively correlate with #conversionrate .

This is pretty awesome information if you're looking for important metrics to be improving with your on-site content or SEO changes.

The study also finds the influence of a mobile site; even for pre-purchase decision making, as well as finding no correlation with low bounce rate and conversions.

Check it out :)

H/t +Moz and +Wolfgang Digital for the article!

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Strategic Content and SEO Goals

I think you'll particularly like this whiteboard Friday video, +Rand Fishkin defines the difference between:

Consideration Phase Content

Discovery Phase Content

"Viral"/Super-Broad Brand Content

Check it out :)

Thanks +Moz!

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SEO Best Practices from Google's own Panda 4.1 Rating System

A pretty comprehensive list of Do's and Don'ts by +josh bachynski taken from Google's actual Panda site quality rating guidelines - so you know they're accurate!

If you change your sites content to comply with these do's and avoid the don'ts, it's likely to give you a good boost as well as protect your site from Panda content-quality related penalties. Excellent!

I found this useful list after watching Josh's Whiteboard Friday on +Moz (thanks!):

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Goodness gracious me - The new Panda 4.1 Google update is rolling out?!


Time to have a look at that blog traffic, because there's a new site-quality-related algorithm update being released.

Get your canonicals, redirects, copywriters and noindexes at the ready lads... the Panda is coming.

Thanks for sharing +Hyderali Shaikh.
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