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Hurricane Matthew has caused thousands of North Carolina citizens to lose their homes and vehicles. It has caused flooding in the eastern part of the state, economically challenged communities have been greatly affected, and twenty-six people have lost their lives.

By participating in the Syncfusion Virtual Food Drive to benefit the Food Bank, you can help make a difference:

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Let me know what you think of this post I wrote on LinkedIn.

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I'm looking forward to having +Travis Owens back on +Collectors Hangout tomorrow night to discuss retro console games (Atari), Disney pins, and science fiction art. Please join in on the conversation via the chat window at
#atari   #disneypins   #disney   #scifi   #sciencefiction  
This show will stream live on (05.18.16) at 6:00pm EDT, 3:00pm PDT.

This time around with Travis, we are going to talk about his other collections in the area of Atari, Disney pins and sci-fi artwork!
I had the chance to interview Travis Owens on a previous episode where we discussed depression glass and mason jars. You can view that episode here:
The podcast of the show can be found here:

Join us at to participate in the conversation!

Though we'd love to have you watch live, don't fret if you can't - you can watch the entire recorded show at:

The podcast version (audio-only) along with the archived video can be found at:

Thanks and I can't wait to feature you on Collectors Hangout!

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For those of you that love +Game of Thrones you should give this episode of +Collectors Hangout a view! For those of you that prefer the podcast version, that should go live tomorrow. #gameofthrones   #GoT   #collectorshangout  

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Good night everyone!!

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Episode 034 is up and we'll be live with another guest at 12noon EDT. +Lesley Maeham, a cosplayer and custom vinyl toy artisan out of Canada, will be on the show. Tune in at:

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Collectors Hangout Podcast now live on Google Play Music
Our podcast is now live through Google Play Music! Point your browser to or from your Android device, launch Google Music and look up Collectors Hangout.

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Superhero Day is April 28, 2016
please use  #superheroday2016  in your comments
In just two weeks, we'll be celebrating Superhero Day 2016. In the comments please tell us who your favorite superhero is!

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Collectors Hangout Podcast, Episode 003 - With +Hanna Silver
Finally our host, +Domingo Rogers, got around to converting the Hangout On Air show with the talented +Hanna Silver to a podcast! He is getting into the groove of doing a podcast a week at this point and hopefully will begin to turn around two shows into podcast episodes a week in the near future. Thanks again for all the support of each of you who follow us here on Google+ and on +YouTube!

#podcast   #podcasting   #collecting   #collectorshangout   #synthesizers  

LOL new word learned today: Neuticals
I didn't believe it until I researched it. LOL
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