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Visual Display Solutions for Simulation, Training and immersive Entertainment
Visual Display Solutions for Simulation, Training and immersive Entertainment

Post has attachment® presents relaunched homepage
We are happy to present our relaunched homepage with more useful features than ever before. Get to know everything about our latest ProjectionTools software editions Pro AV for media installations, Pro Sim for simulation and training and AutoAlignment for automated re-alignment of calibrated visuals.
Learn more about our services for camera and system calibration and the ProjectionTools workshops. Experience our category showcase and clients to find a selection of our projects and do not miss any news with the® newsletter. Visit

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Excellent achievement by young engineer
On June 15, 2017, the Association of German Engineers (VDI) honoured young engineers and natural scientists with the research award.
In this way, the VDI appreciates outstanding performances by young specialists who are under 30 years of age.
Gino Gulamhussene, an enthusiastic young engineer who developed the patent-pending method for producing optical blend masks for®, is one of the award winners.
He was accompanied and supervised by Christian Steinmann, Managing Director of®.
Through Gino's work, it is now possible for® to set up realistic night simulations in smooth pure black.
Despite the light source in the projector, projections will now be black as night.® congratulates Gino. Well done!

photo: Viktoria Kühne

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Open Day in Greding – DOM presented
On June 10th, the 'Open Day' took place in Greding / Germany, as well as in other locations of the German Bundeswehr. According to the Bundeswehr, this event attracted almost 30,000 visitors in Greding, Weiden and Füssen / Germany.® set up the 'DOM' in Greding, which was opened to the public for this event. The 'DOM' is a simulator for training. According to the German Society for Defence Technology, this facility is one of the largest dome constructions in the world (45m in diameter). It allows to do tests which are not possible to do in reality.® was on-site on the 'Open Day' and demonstrated, to the fascinated visitors, how real high-quality projection can work. In addition to showing the training simulation of the Bundeswehr,® showed pictures from Magdeburg, the location of the development office of®. The interior of the Magdeburg Cathedral, the landmark of the city of Magdeburg, was projected into the dome. The dimension of the 'DOM' and the projected architecture of the Cathedral resulted in a 3D effect which allowed the viewer to make an almost realistic journey into the church building.

You can find additional information about the Open Day at;art596,3421999
Willkommen Neugier!
Willkommen Neugier!

Post has attachment have been attending ITEC since 2007. ITEC is a fair for military training, education and industry. The experts of® advise you how to use our latest version of ProjectionTools, e.g. for simulation. On top, you will get to know our latest innovation: NBlend Optical Blend Mask. Wherever outstanding contrast in dark projections is required, NBlend is the solution.

We are looking forward to seeing you at ITEC 2017 in Ahoy, Rotterdam, 16-18 May, 2017, stand 41b.

Great start at InfoComm China, Asia Pacific’s most important fair for AV technology and information communications technology. We are again present to introduce the latest version of ProjectionTools hi-end auto-calibration solutions. Join at project: syntropy´s booth EC 4-01

Post has attachment at prolight + sound 2017, 4 -7 April 2017
The experts of and project: syntropy show you how to perfectly calibrate multi channel projections to create spectacular panoramic views for your full dome cinema and others. The cylindrical mini screen and the mini dome will give you an example. More information
Visit at prolight + sound 2017 in Frankfurt / Main, hall 4, stand B58

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Do you have special requirements in regards to projecting night scenes? Do you wish for a firework displayed in breath-taking colour brilliance? Are you eager for projections that show black as night? – NBlend Optical Blend System is the revolutionary solution per se. Meet at project: syntropy’s booth at prolight + sound, 4 -7 April 2017, Frankfurt/Main – hall 4, stand B 58. More information

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As a partner to project: syntropy® launched NBlend -the new optical blend technology at I/ITSEC 2016

November 28th – December 2nd, Orlando, Florida
The Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) is the world's largest modeling, simulation, and training conference.® took part at I/ITSEC. We presented our new patent pending NBlend Optical Blend System®. Most of today’s projection technology cannot display pure and smooth black. This leads to visible grey areas in the overlapping regions of multi-channel projections. While the effect is hardly visible when day scenarios are projected it becomes a major disturbance when dark content and night visuals have to be displayed. The common approach is to mitigate the effect by increasing the black level in the non-overlapping areas. The disadvantage of such remedy is that the contrast of the system – which is crucial for a good perception of the projected visual – will be severely affected and thereby lowered. The best way to get the overlapping areas under control is the use of so-called optical blending masks. When using this technology foil or glass based filters with a blending pattern are put in front of the lens. The blending pattern is “filtering” the additional light in the overlapping areas and leaves the non-overlapping areas unaffected. With®‘s patent pending NBlend optical blending mask technology the process and complexity of designing and installing the optical blend mask will be significantly reduced. Moreover, our technology allows producing blend masks in unprecedented quality.
For the Blend demonstration we had a separate dark room on the exhibition floor. Invitees were introduced to the technology in a 4 channel projection set-up flying in a seamless transition from night to day via dusk and dawn to experience the excellent result in all times of day when using the NBlend.
IG was supplied by Quantum3D using their IDX80 (hardware) and Mantis (software).
We got really good feedback on the new NBlend Optical Blend System® technology both from partners, customers and potential new customers.
Thanks to everyone. Looking forward to seeing you next year. Additional information about NBlend you can find in our flyer

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On October 20th 2016,® was part of the „Firmenkontaktmesse“. It`s an event to build connections between companies and students to create job opportunities.
The fair was outstanding. Many interested students and exhibitors visited the booth of®. “Seeing is believing”, so we brought our mini exhibition to the fair. The students were made aware of®, the work of the company and the job opportunities. The software ProjectionTools was demonstrated on the mini cylinder and YouTube clips providing information on completed projects.® is partner in many projects all over the world. The markets are Simulation & Training for e.g. flight, driving, industrial, ship and tower simulation. We´re also partner of choice for complex large-scale projections for Entertainment, Events and Trade Shows. We have met many interesting people and we hope that a few of them will become part of the company.
The “Firmenkontaktmesse” had a fantastic exhibitor service and a great organization. Thanks to the team of “OvGU”. And thank you very much to the audience. We hope it was a successful event for every participant.
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