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Dare I say it - I think +Domenico james Lamberti and I finally have a potential name for the podcast: NSFW Cast (No Shared Feeling Whatsoever). Thoughts?
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Using the lumia 925 today has reminded me of 3 things about Nokia and Windows phone in general :

1) Nokia make phenomenal hardware
like,Phenomenal, they make decisions i dont like (1280x768 screens) but that doesnt stop their devices being built fantasticly

2)Windows Phone needs more Google (for me)
Windows phone itself is great, the core is great, and it has a few of the apps is use daily, unless that app is a google app, there is no hangouts,no drive,no google+,nothing which is a bummer, also, no webkit on any WP browseryet... MS, why you hate the proper web?!?!

3)Double tap to wake is freaking awesome
just, well done, the glance screen in its entirity is great, the double tap to wake is great, having it wake up to the clock when you take it out of your pocket , its just brilliant.

cant wait for the new round of Windows Phone 8.1 devices
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All fair and really good points dom. Same with me though I use Google services daily and I don't know what I would do without them. 
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if you could port accross one thing from another species to your own body, what would it be?

personally, i'd have the feet of a primate (orangutan/gorilla) apart from looking prettyawesome, the increased stability and balance would be great.

also, i could hang upside down and shit
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it baffles me why HTC is still using the vertical Appdrawet in Sense 6 on the  One  M8
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What is the Proper way to pronounced New Orleans?

is it New Or-lans
New Or-leens

ive heard it pronounced so many ways but havent got the foggiest idea on how its actually pronounced
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Okay. As a long time resident of New Orleans there is no wrong way to say it, just identifiers based on your pronunciation.

Nawlins or N'awlins or New Orleeens- Tourists 

New Orylens- Garden District/Uptown

New Or-lenz....pretty much everyone else
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Domenico james Lamberti

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Tiny kitty and huge wine glass :D
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if you could be one of the X-Men, who would you be?

i think i'd have a hard time choosing between Gambit and Beast
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im using ElementaryOS for the day and im really liking it, its fast and smooth, and its strangely responsive on the old 5400RPM drive ive got it installed on (my SSD is purely windows seeing as its only a 64GB SSD)
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The Exynos 3250 in the New Gear 2, do we know what architecture it is? could it be Cortex-A7? would they be stupid enough to go for Cortex A9(agian)? could it even be Cortex-A5, a processor we  havent seen pretty much anywhere (apart from in the Snapdragon 200 in the HTC Desire 500) , The Gear fit uses a Cortex M4 microprocessor because it doesnt have a full "OS" ,rather a simplified Realtime OS, but on full Tizen an A5 or A7 seems to make sense
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im rewatching all of the old X-Men in anticipation for days of future past later this year, i must say, 1 and 2 really hold up well, 3 not so much, Origins was never my favourite but its not as bad if you just want an action film, and first class is really really good imo.

but it pisses me off that they killed cyclops without exploring him though, he was in 2 films basically and died at the begining of the 3rd one, with almost no character depth at all.

same with beast
and Angel
and Juggernaut
and Storm

and many many more :( and most of all, i wanted to see Jean/Phoenix get a more developed plot.

To be hinest im pretty sure i just wanted singer to make X-men the lst stand, it wouldnt have sucked as hard
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future past looks phenomenal, the blending of the two casts seems perfectly done as well
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