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It's not just our online lives that are heavily influenced by algorithms: they have huge and increasing reach into the stock market, law enforcement, immigration controls, even our sex lives. It may be sacrilegious to suggest this, but Beyoncé is wrong: it's not girls who run the world, it’s algorithms. This worries many people, and it should worry you, because these algorithms are not just powerful – they’re also opaque. #smartcity #algorithm
Discovered thanks to +paula echeverri montes

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in the current city-centered discourse, rural spaces are often dismissed as declining or stagnating. However, rural spaces also play a critical role in sustainable development, as an inextricably linked counterpart, but also as a complement to the growing city, as extraction sites, natural reservoirs for food, fresh water and air, or as leisure spaces. #rural 

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CARTO is an open, powerful, and intuitive platform for discovering and predicting the key insights underlying the location data in our world. #mapping #data

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Mañana estaré en Barcelona participando en este evento. Nos vemos allí?
Pocos días 📢Jornada "Innovando desde la colaboración"💡#Barcelona 3 Feb. Detalles e inscripciones👉🏼 Bienvenidos ☑️

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The Smart Citizen Kit is an example of an initiative how the crowd can provide better solutions tan public or private institutions. It´s a small device for everyone to measure environmental data and send it into the public domain for the benefit of everyone. 

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"There is no Commons without Commoning. I believe, that the most challenging and indispensable factors, which make commons come true, are to (learn how to) think like a commoner and practice „how to common“ at the same time. And this, in turn, requires a specific attitude. An attitude based on the recognition of a simple truth: We are all related to each-other!"

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‘Actually existing smart citizens’: expertise and (non)participation in the making of the smart city

From start to smart: A 100 smart cities but where are the citizens?

From Engagement to Participation in Future Smart Cities

Creating infrastructures with citizens: An exploration of Beta Projects, Dublin City Council

#smartcity #smartcitizens 

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Understanding how far could go digital social reputation #social #socialmedia #smartcity 

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I think is important to ask our self what does really mean that blended dimension we are building every day and how is changing the way we live.
Does the technology foster our connection with the territory? #smartcity #retail 
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