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Our office, +Pilot New Media provided the photography for this event in Boston. Seeing hundreds of young adults in a Eucharistic procession through the streets of Boston among all kinds of people out for dinner and dates was an amazing witness.
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Yay, Sr. +Helena Burns. :)

Was it St. Stephen's Church down the street from St. Leonards that has the two levels? I vaguely recall the first or second procession/EC I participated in had started there, but I might misremember.

I was just thinking about it again a little while ago: at the time, I thought St. Stephen's would make an ideal Parish to have an (actual, not tambourines and egg-shakers) sacred music conference, with the strongest members of various choirs coming together (pre-organized and pre-practiced - maybe with MP3s available - amongst themselves with the same music: chant and classical polyphony for the most part, possibly a piece or two from someone like the Ugandan Choir, which I remember being pretty awesome, although they also did great at gregorian. I bet we could get BC's Margaret Felice to do a piece, she's pro) from all over Boston coming, singing upstairs, with the people gathered below. At the time, I was thinking that would have been an excellent addition to this program, although the organizational details might have made it too 'busy'. But, even on its own, it would be epic.
Lots of Sr Helena (and lots of other "Daughters," too)
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