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When Macbreak Weekly spends so much time and even uses one of the picks on an Android phone, is it jumping the shark? It's not like there is a dearth of news (despite their constant refrain of nothing to talk about). 

If they want to discuss it in the news bits, maybe that's okay, but as a pick? I'm sorry, but am I wasting my time looking for discussion of the products of the world's biggest consumer tech company. I already fast forward through news about lawsuits and several years ago I gave up on This Week in Tech because of the amount of fluff in a two hour show. I would hate to lose MBW.
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There's plenty they could discuss every week. and Daring Fireball seem to have plenty of content, for example. iPad Today never seems to suffer the same fate. I just think Leo is bored.

I do like Alex's contributions, but I also agree that his perspective is often constrained by his unique needs as a user. Andy and Rene often have a much broader perspective.
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This is a bit for beginners, but still a good refresher, especially if you have people ask you about blogging or if you want to know what's out there now.
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Looks like they're having trouble with their site. I'd try again later.
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Every time I get a notification that "BLANK has shared a post with you", especially if that person is someone I haven't circled and the post isn't a direct communication between us, I immediately mute them. Sorry, but my notifications would become a mess of irrelevance if I didn't.
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That's why I have filters set up, then if I want a quick recap I can scan through the folder, but it doesn't clutter my inbox (and I can simply delete them en masse).
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I saw this quote from Cardinal Seán and it was just begging for a little buffing up and promotion.
Like loving brothers, a little good natured ribbing isn't out of place between Capuchins and Jesuits.
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Ah well, considering that craters are on an airless lifeless rock and coffee is the nectar of the gods, I think the Capuchins got the better end of the deal! 
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+Dave Hamilton, you got distracted I think and didn't actually mention the new AT&T phone plans, but you did put the name Mobile Share Family Plans in the shownotes. You were wondering what the catch was, and I believe it's a significant one.

From my reading of it, if you choose to switch to one of these plans you give up the possibility of subsidized phones in the future. You either have to bring your own unsubsidized phone or if you're currently under contract, when your contract expires you'll have to sign up for one of the Next plans and pay monthly for your phone.

It's not necessarily a dealbreaker for everyone, but it can end up being more expensive than the current plan some people are using. The Ars Technica article linked in the show notes explains this.
New plans will be a good deal for some, a step sideways for others.
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Ignoring if I can lower my current cost a bit, I've been trying to digest what the terms mean to me. It would seem to me that as lead "geek" in the family, I need to decide if I want to upgrade more frequently essentially leasing the phone for 1 year or continue with the subsidy and hand my old stuff down to the rest of the family and upgrade less frequently.

Have the subsidized gone the way of the unlimited data plans? Specifically will we be forced to change to a Next plan if we need to make any change to an existing account?
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A taste of Maine, the promise of summer, a memory of our honeymoon, all in a bottle of very good dark beer.
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Thought shalt not deviate from the new orthodoxy or you will be forced before the inquisition. His crime? Voicing support for the traditional definition of marriage.
Shots fired 
Anyone accessing the popular dating site OKCupid with Firefox today is in for a surprise. Instead of the homepage, is serving Firefox users with a message calling out Mozilla CEO...
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As Laura Ingraham said, "Shut up and Sing!"
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I think I've finally found a solution to a problem that's been plaguing me since I upgraded to Mavericks. I detailed my problem and my path to the solution in my blog post, which I'm linking below. 

I have a 2011 MacBook Pro 15" with 2GHz i7. Since upgrading the OS, every time I plugged in after running off battery for a while, the kernel_task process would eat up all my CPU cycles, up to 800% and the computer would crawl to a halt until it reach about 80% charge and then things would speed up again.

At first I thought it was smcFanControl, based on messages I was seeing in the Console and some advice from a friend who's an Apple Genius and warned that it might also be the SMC chip on the logic board (which I was hoping it wasn't). Quitting smcFanControl worked at first, but then everything went back to the same condition.

Finally, after much digging, I found a post in the Apple Discussions forum that linked to a blog post that explained that there's a bug in Mavericks that causes the SMC to go into a cycle-eating loop as it tries to cool the CPU. The fix is to go edit a kernel extension in the System folder to remove the profile specific to your particular model of Mac (and thus while the steps are straightforward not necessarily for the squeamish or faint of heart). Once I did that and rebooted, I haven't had a problem since.

Of course, when there's a new version of Mavericks I might have to do this fix all over again, but that's only if Apple hasn't fixed this bug by then.
My 2011 MacBook Pro was bogging down while the battery was charging until I quit smcFanControl.
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Since it's editing a kext, I wouldn't recommend it unless they're having this issue. I haven't seen other issues, but it's only been a few days.
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If I'm one of these, I'm the Nitpicker. What drives me crazy is the Overreactor.
A Comic Identifying the Seven Most Annoying People to Watch TV With
Julia Lepetit and Andrew Bridgman of Dorkly have created a funny illustrated comic that identifies "the seven most annoying people to watch TV with." You can read the comic in its entirety at Dorkl...
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Domenico Bettinelli

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I don't usually suggest people write for the sake of writing, but if you're in a dry spell maybe you can kickstart your creative juices with one of the topics below used within the context of your blog's niche.
32 Creative Types of Blog Posts You Can Write About

Out of ideas? Looking for another way to spice up your blog? Here are some types of blog posts you can write today!

Full details on my blog:

1. How-To: Tutorials
2. Controversial
3. Problem-Solution
4. Photos
5. Roundups
6. Report
7. Challenges
8. CheatSheet
9. Checklist
10. Video
11. Profile / Biography
12. Review Blog
13. Case Studies
14. Memes
15. Favorites
16. What-If
17. Giveaway
18. Questions
19. Current News And Events
20. Comparison
21. Lists
22. Behind The Scene
23. Research
24. Stories
25. Definition Post
26. Inspiration
27. Useful Link List
29. Parody Post
30. Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)
31. Timeline
32. Interview

Pin for Later:

#blogposts   #ideas   #blogideas   #blogging101   #topicideas  
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I'm inspired to write a how-to tutorial about controversial problem-solving photos, rounding up reports and challenges in a cheatsheet: with checklists and a video and links to my profile - - -

Well, maybe not, but I'm seriously considering sharing this infographic.

Thanks, +Domenico Bettinelli and +Pauline Cabrera.
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Father of a growing family and husband to a brilliant wife. I'm currently working as Creative Director of the Pilot New Media at the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston. Before that I worked as a donor relations manager for the archdiocese and then previous to that I was a Catholic journalist for 10 years in both print and online media.

I'm also one of the pioneer Catholic bloggers, although my current job prevents me from blogging much about Catholic affairs today.

I'm also a technology geek. I've used and owned Apple-brand computers since 1982. I wrote my first web site in 1994.We have no less than 5 Macs currently working in our home and several more stashed away. I'm the guy family and friends call when they're having computer problems.
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