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What kind of water chemistry tool do you use? I have only tried EZ water calculator and Bru'n Water calculator. Is there anything else worth considering?

Guys, is it better to whirlpool hot wort or cold one, after cooling to pitching temp? I have opportunity to immerse a chiller in hot wort, wait for trub to settle and then move it to whirlpool to gather remainings of unsettled trub. Or should I first whirlpool it, gather all of the trub, and then cool it to pitching temp? 

Does anyone know where to buy stainless steel fermenter, double jacketed, cca 150-200L in Europe? I don't know any manufacturers, whatever I find online is in China or USA... Please help me with a few links :) 

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Odlična stvar za ljude koji se vozaju. Jedino nema podrsku za android :( još... 

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Svaka čast
Winner of the Sikorsky prize for human-powered flight. 

More proof of the awesomeness of Canadians

#ScienceSunday   #HolyKaw  

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Still got it!

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Slatko ;)
Girl takes amazing selfie while getting tackled by security at a baseball game
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