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Hello all. It was mentioned by someone that they were willing to share the outcome of their work to translate the ICO's advice on PIAs into something usable with schools... That would be very useful

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'United Classroom' is the attempt by a UK-based group of schools to deliver GCSE and A-Level courses online using a combination of Google tools - Hangouts, Classroom, Docs, Drive, via Chromebooks.

It builds on the concept of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) which have proved so popular in Higher Education, and takes a slightly different approach to make this succeed with secondary age students.

The overall aim of the project is to deliver specialist teaching and hard-to-staff subjects to as many students as possible, increasing their access to University courses and careers which they would otherwise not have.

This session is part of Education on Air, the free online conference from Google. Register for free at

Post has attachment's 'MyAcademy' mag has published something I've written about tech implementation:

I've been thiniking about which iPad now makes most sense for schools: #ipaded #edtech

1-to-1 is expensive - Where to find the money - Part 1

Why only implementation quality really explains the success or failure of technology projects: #ipaded #edtech

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Leading educational technology is really tough, the secret is not to pretend that you're perfect at it. Here are my thoughts on how to survive and thrive in an edtech leadership role:

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Here in the UK we're undergoing a consultation on the future of technology in schools, it's called ETAG. One of the issues is about better measures of performance, and I've written this blog post, linking in to open badges as a possible solution
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