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Dom Gervasi
See who's makin' it in Brooklyn!
See who's makin' it in Brooklyn!

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From Flatbush to France fearless explorers discover that Brooklyn really is the world. #toulouse #flatbush

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He's "chatty." A "neighborhood guy". With a "big personality." It's Dom! Owner & Producer of Made in Brooklyn Tours. And he's at it again - makin' it with The Made in Brooklyn Bus Tour! Join us this Saturday on the inaugural tour! #madeinBKbus

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Happy Birthday Mom! :)

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“Artificial intelligence is where we currently deposit all of our hopes for a better future through digital technology -- largely because we have no faith in our own intelligence anymore (for obvious reasons).” - Jeff Einstein

Live Presentation of Brave New Digital World

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Enter the #MadeWherever Photo Contest for a chance to win ticket vouchers to Made in Brooklyn Tours! Take a pic of you with a favorite product made wherever you are. Circle and share your photo with +MadeInBrooklynTours. Include your name, the brand of the product, where it's made and where you are along with a caption. Eat it. Wear it. Share it! By midnight April 10th, 2017.

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Brooklyn is the world and that Brooklyn spirit is everywhere - wherever you are. So, share a photo of you doing something you like with a favorite product manufactured wherever you happen to be for a chance to win two ticket vouchers for Made in Brooklyn Tours worth $80! The contest ends midnight April 10th, 2017. Eat it. Drink it. Wear it. Whatever you like. In your city, town or village. Made wherever you are.


1. Circle +MadeInBrooklynTours.

2. Share your photo of you eating, drinking or doing whatever you want with a product manufactured wherever you happen to be with +MadeInBrooklynTours.

3. Include your first name, the brand of the product, where it's made and where you are along with a caption.

The winning photograph will be chosen at the sole discretion of Made in Brooklyn Tours based on how well the image and caption fits with the theme and other characteristics like creativity and originality. Feedback from other Google+ users may also be considered.

1. You must be at least 18 years old to enter.
2. You may submit only one photo and it must fit the theme.
3. Made in Brooklyn Tours has sole discretion to determine if a photo fits with the theme of the contest.
4. The photo must belong 100% to you and only you.

Submit a photo only if it belongs to you. By submitting a photo, you attest to your ownership of the image. You also agree that Made in Brooklyn Tours LLC has the right and license to redistribute the image, royalty free, on its various communications platforms, including but not limited to Made in Brooklyn Tours' website, social media pages, emails or print publications without compensation.

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Where I go to commune with my mistress the Ocean...
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#Denmark/#Red Hook/#DUMBO: Minna, Danish travel writer with Turen Går til New York visits +*​ on the Made in Red Hook Tour. Btw, his #MadeInBrooklyn felt & leather handbags are 30% off at +Ilse Eriksson​'s #melenstel in DUMBO.

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Life's funny. How Woodrow came into my life is a long story. She's street smart too. Doesn't know how to count, but knows the color of money...
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Fun with +Craig Anthony Miller and da gang at DUMBO's "Art Factory."
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