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Living Southern Simplicity
Living Southern Simplicity

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Southern Traditions: Why Did My Grandmas Sweep Their Yards?
Photo left Granddaddy Walter, Aunt Fannie, Grandma Cora and her mother my Great Grandma Maggie. Photo right is of my Grandmother Goldie Today's post came to mind from seeing a meme on Facebook with an elderly lady sweeping her yard. Yes, sweeping the yard w...

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Storage Solutions for Each Room of the House
Is Spring Cleaning on your mind?  I know it is!  You know we've had lots of home repairs going on here at Hibiscus House and they have made me see how many things I really don't need.  I've been purging for awhile and will post updates shortly. Today I'd li...

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Cherry Crunch Dessert
This recipe has been around for so long you probably already have it but just in case you don't I'll share.  I've come to find out that people in different sections of the country don't have some of what we think has been around so long everybody knows abou...

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Recent Sights Around Hibiscus House
Work in progress Today I'll share a variety of pictures taken with the recent painting of the home.  These guys were very good sports allowing me to take many pictures. Join me as I share a day in the life of painters and homeowner. Wendell and Earl Lavaris...

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Let's Talk About Wayne's Camellias
Today I'm taking a break from painting updates and sharing beautiful Camellias.  Do you have some of these in your gardens?  Mama had some beautiful ones and my sister Gwen does now.  They are filled with blooms that are so spectacular.  I love the fact tha...

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Would You Like To See Our New Porch Floor?
You know it may sound funny but after choosing the blue for the ceiling the next hardest decision I had to make was the floor decking stain color.  That really surprised me and I don't know why. Earl the painter brought me three excellent stain samples.  I ...

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Hibiscus House Has A Haint Blue Porch Ceiling!
I've shown you the new roof which I love by the way.  Now it's time for the house painting itself. Today I share with you the porch ceiling that I've wanted for a few years.   Just in case you don't remember the "Haint Blue Porch Ceiling" post I'll share it...

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Slow Cooker Beef For Use In Recipes
We are so busy these days and at times just plain tired.  Beef with a few ingredients can be added to a slow cooker and then used in many of your favorite recipes.  You can also cool and refrigerate for up to two days to use. I think if we take a little tim...

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Items Won and Joseph Joseph Product Review
I wanted to share these fabulous items with you that I was lucky enough to win from Joseph Joseph. You may remember a post I'd done over at Dolly is Cooking three years ago about one of their Chopping Block Sets that I purchased.  I brought that review over...

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Cleaning Out Clearing Out!
Fabric Cabinet When one reaches my age (I sound like my grandma) and is a sentimental pack-rat a huge amount of "stuff" has been collected. You know the sentimental, the extra for when you need it. So and so gave me this it would be rude to part with it, (y...
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