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Just looking through some of my Better Day World Tour photos, and I stumbled on this one again. :) It never ceases to make me chuckle! Go figure, men throwing boxer shorts at me!!
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I'd share my Dairy Milk with you ;)
actually that is poor taste, should be palm branches
I wonder if they bring them to throw or were wearing them and took them off.

Either way -- eww.
I'd thought you'd be thanking God they were just boxers, but that is pretty hilarious! Great photo to go with the great singing (whole family are big fans).
Hmm... I won't even ask how they manage to do that.
Hi! dolly you look so beautiful, I do't know what you it this days to look so young. Much love.
Are you checking them out for size or cleanliness? :-0 They look quite fancy actually, my kind of boxer! ;o)
You are so cute! Those underwear, however, are another story!
I was wondering where my boxers went! Man that next day was rough!
Men are so dumb sometimes they strip for pretty people!!
lol they wrinkle, we still love you Dolly
If his name is not written in permanent ink on the back waistband then he's single.
With someone one as gorgeous as you and with that perfect figure I am surprised they aren't throwing a lot more than boxers at you. You are just too gorgeous for words.
that is cool it better than a looking glass
Better than some "tighty whities" I guess!
Dolly is blessed with a great deal of common sense and lots of sensible humor, that is not to take life to seriously, that's why she is very much in demand. . . long live DOLLY PARTON !!!
mind blowing sweet dolly
lol. That WAS really fun to see! :)))
Looks like Jennifer has to laugh behind there. Betcha Richard had to be put down after that one. (chuckling too) People throwing underwear at ya! Must have been one wild concert tour!
How did these men go home, funny to think about that :)))
That is awesome and strange all at the same time!
i agree with bonnie, but you could also say if good for the goose it's good for the gander.....
lol oh wow that ought to be entertaining, huh?
once upon a time dolly!!!
ITS TOO LATE dolly, um in love with the track
we are wondering how old is this photo ?
中国江西人民前来围观 haahahah
omg my best friend loves you he has his room done all in your stuff.......... but i love your songs and are those your's????
its a sign of love. When men are overwhelmed with love and admiration for the good work you offer...they can act irrationally
He couldn't throw his pants an walk out in them so he did next best thing he got your attention though love you Dolly no one like you
i wish i could meet u . i have loved ur music ever since i was a lil girl. i think ur awesome
yeah, u ryt i rily lyk her song island in the stream.she and K Rogers are so hot on stage man
nice i love it it looks great and i love your outfit
Dolly baixei muitas músicas ouço sempre! Bjus
Now that is a memories moment for sure!! LOL
We love you that is why. Like Tom Jones gets bras panties and room keys.
I have some nice camo boxers with your name on them...... lol
really! I think they should be called poser shorts instead. what do you think?
I don't know her but I've always gotten the impression Dolly is a good person.
ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Follow Gods plan for the day..walk with God, throughout the day and every day after day, after day.... he has planned for you......We love you and what you do for people less fortunate....Thanks Dolly.....God Bless You !!!!!!!
So that;s what it means to be a superstar, only you and Elvis!
you could use them for a spot of bull fighting!
lol just shoow you they big fans - Jolene is stil my favourite track
You must have a real pile of boxer-shorts by now, how du you store them?
not trying to be rude linda aberg luthman but its not any of your business
tracy do you know about india.
I adressed this comment to Dolly, Tracy so you didn't have to mind about it.
To everybody here, this Google+ is new to me so I feel entitled to make mistakes...:)
Good Golly Miss Dolly, beautiful women get interesting presents. Do you still have them?
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