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NEW Dolly's Video Diary!
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You are an amazing and inspiring woman. You deserve time off!
Yes, now that you have some free time!
That was a nice video diary (one of the best yet). Hope to see more but not everyday, I know your a busy woman.
Thank You very much Dolly, been a long time since I've seen you perform. I will be patient, and hang in there for your next concert. Thanks Again!!!!!
Enjoy your life the way you want. You do deserve it.
ok just retire ur to old to be singing
Rest up and get those creative vibes a-flowin' Dolly. We'd love to hear A LOT more music from you. Thanks for the updates! Sending much love.
Sorry I'm so damned late with this but my modem has been down the last couple of days I finally got a new one today and got it up and running. Looking so damn fine in the video, I love that blue top your wearing you look very, very nice in it and whatever weight you put on doesn't hurt you in the least. I'm glad to see your taking it easy and I hope your enjoying your time and your meals. Would love to try your cooking someday it's got to be the best.
Love u forever Dolly U have been my inspiration all my life i've loved ur show , I will Always Love You ........sincerely Shelly Corwin ,LPN
just found out that joyfull noise wont be in cinimas is australia its apparently going straight to dvd......not happy jan i was soooo looking foward to it! BUT i still love dolly :)
Great background. You are a STAR!
omg this is the real actual Dolly Parton <<<<<<<<<ahhhh>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Nice to know there are british fans that still love country music. I'm a North Carolina Country Girl over here in England trying to make it as a country singer..this gives me hope. Take care
I love Dolly's voice oooooohhhh, especially song "just becoz um a woman".
u are an amazing singer love u dolly
You are a wonderful, strong person, love everything you're doing for "Growth" at this time. Hope to see you soon!!!
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