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Oh no! Not another hackage... Best to update your passwords...

It's not a service I use a whole lot - but when I want to find new bands, I enjoy chilling out with

Choose a genre... or really, pick a band that you like the sound of and will go off to the wilderness of the music industry and bring back some songs from various bands that have the same kind of sound or complement the band you originally entered.

They also have a few comedians on there too!
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Decidedly, it seems like for most website, security isn't the priority ! I'm bored to see that kind of news, and see how much data people let in hands of anyone. For example check how much people there are on Facebook, I don't understand they want everyone available to check all their data. ect... ><'

Bring a good team of hackers and improve security, here we go !
Because of such hacks I use random generated passwords and do not reuse them.
a lot of hacking going on.. my facebook was hacked monday and so was gmail but I recovered gmail which was likely the first to be hacked  since gmail posted the day before yesterday  china hacking accounts and my facebook had the same password as gmail.. ohh well facebook was useless besides talking to my family across the country. shame they dont have google plus to keep in contact with them.
Use the google authenticator to protect your account.
the google authenticator is a two way authentification. you need your password and also a 6 digit number to log in. The number will be generated from an app that is available for android, ios und blackberry. this makes is much more secure because the number changes all 10-15 seconds and someone needs your password and your mobile phone to login. I use it for a year now and I'm totally fine with it.

for more information google for google authenticator. ;)
Thank you , your a big help.. I think I have posted before on the time line if there was a way to be more secure.. no feed back.. until now.. Thank you.
Well +Mathew Adams, if you (or anyone else reading this wants to know where to enable it) pop onto your Home on G+, click on the cog up the top right hand side and click Settings.

Then click on Security on the left hand side - then Edit next to 2 step-verification and follow the directions on screen ^_^

Remember to keep your phone handy. :)
Well thank you Dolidh Young I did that as well just now. I feel much safer now :)
btw I have alot too loose if I lose this account, my youtube , and adsense and such
+Dolidh Young I guess it works for you but here in France Google 2 step authentication doesn't work at all :s
Aww +Manuel DEBAUX, perhaps this is an issue that you could contact Google Paris about - maybe a letter? I don't have an email address for them, but I do have snail-mail and phone number....

Google Paris, 38 avenue de l'Opéra, 75002 Paris, France.
01 42 68 53 00
I wrote a post on the password management tool I use, LastPass. It really makes changing passwords (and using secure ones) easy.
It is available for...
Internet Explorer
Windows Mobile

I bet it would be available for my old 486 if they could figure out a way to get it connected to the internet.
I forgot two.... Dolphin Browser HD and the iPad!

Thanks. Will give it a try. Keepass is bice but the android isn't up to date.
+Peter Hayduk Depending on how paranoid (in the good sense) you are, it has an array of second factor protections on your account. I personally only use the Google Authenticator one, but you can use a yubikey, this paper grid thing, or one-time use passwords (which actually are a good thing to give to loved ones so they can log in and get your passwords upon an untimely demise).

Being an unpaid intern with no income I'm not a valuable enough target to be worth trying to steal my stuff, but if I were I could have all the security in the world.
I'm not paranoid but careful. I use a separate password for every account. This way I minimize the risk when a password is leaked. And I must not change all passwords of all accounts. ;)
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