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Giant Box of G+ness!!

Check out what arrived in the mail from those lovely people at Google for the G+ers going to Edinburgh HIRL!!!

Thank you so much +Natalie Villalobos ^_^

G+ shenanigans are about to rock the stream... SQUEE!!

#HIRL   #edinburghhirl   #googleplus  +HIRL Edinburgh 
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Beautiful and matching your nails !!! ^.~
I would love to get my hands on some of those! How do I get some?
A reason more to be sad that I can not join :(
That's an awesome box of epic goodness :)
+Eddie McBride, I contacted Google's awesome community manager to let her know we were having a HIRL in Edinburgh, complete with virtual photowalk... So to give the community something back, she sent stickers!!!

I love stickers ^_^
Well hopefully if all goes to plan +John Brunton, we'll do one next year... Maybe including scaling Arthurs Seat.

I'm sure we'll learn a lot from this one :D
+John Brunton Yes, you can walk up there... The Salisbury Crags are beautiful to walk around too.

+Garet Jax, I'd have given my right big toe for that gig :P But I do have a similar accent. ^_^
The Salisbury Crags are the edges of a spur of Arthurs Seat... 151 ft cliffs :)
Yaaaaay, can wait to be seeing those scattered around edinburgh lol
I have to have one ....... If they are real of course?? ;) .... 
oh i see how LOL , reminds me of the film 9. maybe its true! (the film that is)
Fascinating +John Brunton... The city has a history of witches, murder and royalty... Yet another mystery.
The vaults are pretty creepy. *shudder*
Nope, no chance I'd be caught going down there.... I've only read the stories and watched the programmes about them. Far too freaky.
If it's Witches vaults you want to visit... Blair Street Vaults is the one to visit. Although I will completely avoid it. I won't go near it.
Nope, I just would be completely freaked out. Quite happy above ground.
Underground's ok, but underground with history like that... Yeesh!
Not sure what's coolest, the stickers, the Angry Birds or your nail polish!
Lol, thanks +Sivani Boxall ^_^ and +Alex Masters :D

+Krishna Pandey Google+ is this area of Google, where people can share information, ideas, thoughts and opinions through sharing text, images, videos, live video-chat (known as hangouts) and links. :)
The coolest is the vault boy beside the portal drone.

And the smiley of awesome happiness.
Hehe - I do love my geeky toys... Just out of shot is my replica portal gun :P
just all the angry birds team.........
Very could probably make a nice fortune selling them to all of us! lol. :)-
I'm glad to hear the HIRL is happening. I really wanted to be there, but maybe next year. Here's hoping you have good weather while you're out and about!
I think we'll be getting ready for some rain :S Oh well... it's what keeps the landscape beautiful and green :)
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