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The new Hangout Apps

Basically in Dolidh-speak, they've taken some of the buttons off the main hangouts area (like the YouTube link) and grouped all the extra stuff for hangouts in the Apps section. There's also some new fun stuff like games (, the YouTube link!), collaboration tools (for those that like their fun to be more creative) and more masks/effects like moustaches, glasses and hats ^_^ Huzzah!

_It always a nice feeling when you get to try something out that's new and shiny... _

I'm not sure if you've checked out the new features on the hangouts (or if you've ever checked out hangouts... I thoroughly encourage you to do!) yet... but just in case you want to have a wee peek before running blindly into a hangout... You can check this little video I did for you this evening.

I've really enjoyed having a run through with the apps, and I'm looking forward to seeing what people on G+ come up with to creatively push the boundries of the products and see what Google comes up with next to expand the group of 8 apps that already exist.

Thanks goes to +Kevin Green for the spiffy music.

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saw that last night, now half them do not work for me , and its hard to figure out where the people went once the app is open
Yeah, that's not immediately obvious for everyone - but there's a people or apps tab at the bottom left hand side that you can flick over to to get back to people. ^_^
yeah that shows me the peoples heads at the bottom, but not the peoples faces who are talking (the apps is still there). I had to bluebox then unbluebox to get back.
I later saw a button thing near the top which i think worked
fail only 6 comments and 20 shares how is this popular
People who start comments with" fail" should be rounded up and maimed.
Thanks guys....

+Princess Kima Well, I enjoy the hangouts because I get to meet new people. I enjoy interacting with people and being able to actually see them on the camera and their reaction to what I say and do is a bonus. Sometimes typing everything out can be laborious and easy to take the wrong way... it's fun to just chat ^_^
Also it's really great for collaborating on projects for work, school and friends because you can all do it in the comfort of your own chair at home or office ^_^ Check out some of the hangout stories on :)

+Amita Chatterjee U mad? :P Lol, if people are kind enough to find my posts interesting enough to share, they will... and I'll love their faces for it. I don't push for shares.
Do you have a video that, altogether, goes through all of G+'s basic features, what they do, and what they are good for? It's been very difficult for me to find a video guide that is very easy and strait to the point with this...
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