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I was actually floored by comedian Jason Manford's blog post on Gary Barlow and trolls.

It's something a little more serious than my normal posts.. But well written, powerful and heartfelt. I will certainly read his blogs in the future.

Via +Andy Stuart
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I can not for the life of me understand the mindset of some people. 
Wow. That's a post from the heart. Very well said.
I've not read it but will read it later. If anyone has been victimising him over his personal tragedy, they are sick bastards.
Yeah, +Nick Lewis... Probably best to find a quiet corner to read this one. I was in a state when I read it.
سلاو وتحيه يا صديق الدني جميله لا تستحق الدموع
Oh wow. That was so moving. It should be marked "NSFW unless you don't mind being caught weeping at your desk."
So great. Thanks for posting.
سلام يا صديق من اى البلاد انت أنا من مصر
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