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Dogfight Boss
Cheap and cool home cockpit for flying simulations.
Cheap and cool home cockpit for flying simulations.

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F/A-18E Super Hornet kit is now available on

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Introducing sim playroom in Brno, Brad Cockpit!

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Waiting for next dogfight in

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Simulátorová herna už valí v Brně na Kraví Hoře. Přijďte si zalítat!

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Doom 4 on big 180° curved screen with two projectors blended.

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And here we go, ACES II Ejection seat is officially available for purchase!

We are giving away two PDF versions just for sharing!

Here to buy

Here is video

Here is assembly manual for download

For physical kits please contact

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Great news for all of you who doesn't have enough space at your man cave.
We just cutted back part of A-10 pit and made short version.
Let us know if you would like to own this pit
and we will add it to the e-shop at monday.
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Test cut of scaled ACES II seat, full-scaled will be available (with textures) soon on

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Simple conversion from stand-alone Dogfight Boss​ cockpit to desktop. All you need just sharp cutter and half an hour and then you can use it with monitors standing on the desk.
Cardboard has a lot of possibilities ;)

Tested on our Mark 1. crash test dummy cockpit, Currently producing Mark 3. A-10 cockpit with improved construction and lighter textures.
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Cockpit for Elite Dangerous and other games. Suitable for Simpit Icarus curved screen.
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