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Business Owners Growing Together
Business Owners Growing Together

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As my practical client pal Henrik Andersen hardscape designer and installer says, "There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing."

A year round rider has to prepare for a range of weather conditions. It makes me annoyingly obsessed with weather tracking as I flex my schedule for the optimum riding weather whenever I can. And I have a range of sport and outerwear ready for any conditions from super sunny to ice on the path.

Natch, I see a metaphor for solopreneurs and change.

You can't control everything but you can watch the forecasts relevant to your industry and prepare for the most likely variations in weather.

With this mindset, my Jetstream planning tool, decades of proven experience mentoring others toward accomplishment, and 2 immersive days in a small group of other solopreneurs, Flight #2017 is ready for takeoff (um registering now.)

Details and registration in the link.

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Registration closes shortly, but there's room for you to change from business owner to entrepreneur in September.


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Welcome Circle of Trust AGAIN Laurie Troppito-Brewer, Philly Lily,llc.

There's no greater compliment to your peers and me than circling round year after year.

Why is she doing it!?

Circle of Trust is not a networking group or sales generator.

Circle is the place to gather each month in a confidential and inspiring group of like, and not like, peers to improve your solopreneurial skills and growing business.

We've room for 7 more. Click below for details and registration.

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Welcome to Business Edge Bill Poole, Poolehaus Residential Design!

Want to make the leap from business owner to entrepreneur!?

Tell me #solopreneurs, if you want to make significant change but aren't making the progress you want, what's your biggest problem?

I'm doing a little research and would welcome your candid answers in the comments here or via PM.

Thanks in advance!

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+Jan Demsar Thanks for your request to join Jetstream for Solopreneurs. It's a private community for those who beta tested this ecourse. Maybe it would be helpful!? Also, I just started a private group you can join on Facebook called Solopreneur Secrets. Hope these are helpful resources for you!

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Ready to make the change from business owner to entrepreneur, and finally grow the thriving company you've imagined?

Registration for the next Missouri Bank Business Edge course I teach now is officially open.

Join the hundreds who've gone before you who say this six week session was THE turning point in their business.

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Save the Date for the next Missouri Bank Business Edge course: 9/21 - 10/26, Wednesdays from 1:30 - 5.

I love what recent alum Lisa Cornett Schmitz had to say about her experience, "I never considered myself an entrepreneur, just a designer. This made me realize that I AM! And it brings a new confidence to me."

If you're ready to make the leap from owner to entrepreneur, email me so you don't miss the invitation to register.

Welcome BACK to the Circle of Trust, Jacqueline Smith, Central Grazing Co. There's no greater compliment than a Circler coming ROUND again.

I've room for YOU, but you'll want to get around to it sooner than later.

I've limited spots and am only doing another round up if there are vacancies which aren't even a possibility until fourth quarter.

Launching my spring, make that summer, ROUND up of new Circle of Trust members this week with a handful of spots in my peer advisory think tank that meets monthly.

This is my most successful program with many members who have renewed annually for nearly a decade, because of the energy, info, and feedback they count on to their businesses for fun and profit.

I'm no longer adding members year round, only spring and if needed fall. So if you've been wanting to join, register this moment.

According to my clients words (on my site) and their impressive results, joining a Circle is the next Best Thing you can do for you and your business.

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