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The red-hot +Los Angeles Dodgers welcome the Braves into town for a series kicking off tonight at 7:10 pm PT. Chris Capuano faces off against Jair Jurrjens to start things off. Series preview:

+1 if you think the Dodgers continue to shut the opposition down.
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Lets go Dodgers and Capuano is on my fantasy team double +1
Weather permitting. Regardless, go Dodgers!
I hope they're over that shellacking they got yesterday! They may be...Capuano got a first pitch strike.
+Chris Evans you can't win them all. Yesterday we had an off day. It's losing those close ones that really hurt. 
Yeah Buddy go Dodgers, my boy Capuano getting the W
+Victor Miranda , true, but even a one run victory is still a victory :)
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